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  • Rockwood opening ballpark for eclipse viewing

    Rockwood Parks and Recreation is welcoming folks to take advantage of the open space at Mike “Brillo” Miller Sports Complex to enjoy the total eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21.

    Rockwood Park and Recreation Director Chase Clem said the complex will be open and concessions will be available.

    “It will be cool to see something you’ll never see again probably,” Clem said.

    “To be able to host something like that is pretty awesome.”

  • Smith appointed new Rockwood city judge

    Rockwood approved James S. Smith as the new city judge to replace Mark Foster.

    There was only one issue of conflict with the vote, a lawsuit Smith has against Rockwood Electric Utility for damage to his building during construction of the utility’s new headquarters.

    “As a city council representative on the Rockwood Electric Utility Board I personally feel I should abstain on voting,” said Councilman Harold Holloway.

    He did abstain, while Councilman Jason Jolly, an REU employee, voted yes with Councilman Shane Trew and Mike Fuller.

  • Kingston to buy fire truck

    Kingston City Council last week unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the issuance of interest-bearing fire department capital outlay notes not to exceed $498,200 for the purchase of a new fire truck.

    The new 2017 Ferrara Cinder custom engine/pumper should be delivered in December.

    The new fire engine comes equipped to meet National Fire Protection Agency standards which will enhance firefighters capabilities during an emergency incident. The custom cab will transport five firefighters to and from emergency incidents, Kingston Fire Lt. Bradley Goss said.

  • Bilbrey completing goal of hiking Appalachian Trail

    John Bilbrey will accomplish a goal 40 years in the making when he reaches the top of Mount Katahdin in Maine this month.

    It is the last stretch of the Appalachian Trail for him to finish, having broken the 2,181 miles of trail into sections over the years.

    “I’m very proud of him. I think it is amazing he’s that passionate about it and stuck with it,” said wife Anita Bilbrey.

  • BOOKED UP: Eclipse watchers flock to Roane for once-in-a-lifetime experience

    NASA shows Roane County is among the great spots to watch a total eclipse and people are traveling from all over to find the perfect vantage point.

    Local hotels are booked solid from Sunday, Aug. 20, to Monday, Aug. 21, the day the moon briefly completely blocks the view of the sun.

    “All of our rooms are full for Sunday and Monday here,” said Gabe Collier, general manager of Whitestone Inn.

    “It is a nice surprise. August is typically an in-between month for us,” said Collier.

  • Roane County Schools closed for solar eclipse

     Roane County Schools has decided to close on Aug. 21 because of the solar eclipse.

    “This is a once in a lifetime event and we want to support those families who want to participate in the viewing together,” Roane County Director of Schools Leah Rice Watkins said Sunday. “Further, there are amazing educational events scheduled throughout the region for our students to enjoy.”

  • INSIDE the First AMENDMENT: ‘Freedom’ is the best response

    By Gene Policinski

    Let them march in Charlottesville. Let them speak.

    Hate-propagating neo-Nazis and bottom-dwelling white supremacists — the dregs of our open society — have and should have First Amendment rights to speak and march in public.

    We need to see them for what they are: a disappointing collection of the disaffected; some parading around in silly costumes, often ignorant of the real meaning and history of the symbols they display, carrying torches meant as much to intimidate as to illuminate.

  • GOING with the FLO: What happened to honor and respect in our country?

    It bears repeating that God’s Word in Romans 13:1, says, “Let every soul be subject to the higher powers (Human Government). For there is no power but of God (God has ordained Government): the powers that be are ordained of God.”

    In verse 2: “Whosoever therefore resists the power, resists the Ordinance of God. (Anarchy is not of God).”

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: R.E. Lee, “le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche”

    Gentle reader, recall that this column is written early in the week, so a whole heap of things could have happened betwixt its composition and its circulation, but we think the observations contained herein will still be valid, if dated.

    * * *

    The Continuing controversy over generals from the south, especially the recent imbroglio in Charlottesville, Virginia, has produced the usual harvest of witless commentary: One that irritated the old curmudgeon was from a commentator on NPR who described General Robert E. Lee as a “leader of the Confederacy”.

  • Senior bowlers keep on rolling big


    August 11

    1st High Game------ Faye Langley, Rick Alderfer--407

    2nd High Game----Faye Langley, Rick Alderfer--429

    3rd High Game ----Stuart Brown ( Solo)---474

    High Scores today—Carolyn McGill-201 game, David Dawson –231 game- Rick Alderfer-223,227, games, 627 Series

    High Series today---- Faye Langley, Rick Alderfer---1223

    High Series For July------- Don Eiler, Rick Alderfer--1303

    High Averages---------Loretta Carrington 160, Dean Griffin---190