Today's News

  • Harriman gets tax-hike pass, for now anyway

    There’s no tax increase this time around, but when Harriman City Council passed first reading of this fiscal year’s budget, residents were reminded that won’t last.

    Mayor Chris Mason said a tax increase is looming.

    “It has been at least 12 years,” Mason said.

  • Stockton sails past Hall in sheriff's race, Woody beats Farmer again

    Incumbent Sheriff Jack Stockton easily beat his opponent, Jared Hall, in Thursday's election. Stockton garnered 8,183 votes to Hall's 2,847.

    Roane County Executive Ron Woody earned a second term, picking up 6,168 votes compared to 4,470 for Mike Farmer. Woody also defeated Farmer in the 2010 election. 

  • Stewart wins circuit court clerk's race

    Sarah Stewart won the three-way Roane County Circuit Clerk's race.  She received 4,225 votes. Ann Goldston followed with 4,024.  Marty Miles trailed with 2,195.

  • Pemberton scrapes by McFarland, but just barely

    It appears that Mike Pemberton will be the next 9th Judicial District circuit court judge.

    According to unofficial returns in four counties, Pemberton pulled off the win by a scant 144 votes.

    “We did it,” Pemberton told his supporters gathered at Jake's Tavern and Grill. “We did it the right way, and at least in this four-county race, you can do it the right way and you can be successful.”

    The final numbers were 12,603 Pemberton to 12,459 McFarland.

  • Fleischmann and Wamp tie in Roane voting

    Everyone expected a close between incumbentCongressmen  Chuck Fleischmann and opponent Weston Wamp in the Republican primary, but it couldn't have been closer in Roane.

    The two men tied at 4,010 each when all votes were tallied.

    In Morgan County, with all votes in, the count was Wamp 1664, Fleischmann 1,342.

  • TWFC approves duck season changes


    The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission (TFWC) voted unanimously to increase the early wood duck and teal hunting season daily bag limit from 4 to 6 (no more than two wood ducks) and also allow the addition of teal-only hunting days to this season.

  • Rockwood to host middle school jamboree


    Fans of middle school football can see a lot of area teams on Saturday as the 2014 Rockwood Middle School Football Jamboree will be held at Civitan Field.

    A total of ten schools will be represented at the event that starts at noon and will run until approximately 7 p.m.

  • Judge rules in same-sex divorce case

    Circuit Court Judge Russell E. Simmons Jr. has found in favor of the state in the case of a same-sex couple seeking a divorce in Roane County.

    In a seven-page ruling issued this week, Simmons determined that Tennessee laws declaring that a valid marriage in another state, but prohibited in Tennessee, and thus unenforceable in Tennessee, does not violate the Equal Protection Clause or the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

  • Congressional race gets uglier

    Weston Wamp and his opponent’s camp continued to trade barbs days before Thursday’s election.

    Wamp, who faces two-term Congressman Chuck Fleischmann in the Republican Primary, has taken issue with a mailer sent out by Fleischmann’s campaign that purports to show him burning a passport.

    It’s clear Wamp’s head has been digitally added onto a photo of someone else’s body.

  • Early voting a big hit in this election

    Early and absentee voting totals for Thursday’s election surpassed the Aug. 3, 2006, and Aug. 5, 2010, elections.

    “Hopefully it’s an indication that there’s a strong interest in some of the races,” Roane County Administrator of Elections Charles Holiway said.

    The early and absentee voting total in 2006 was 6,790. In 2010, the number was 6,096.

    Early and absentee voting for Thursday’s election totaled 7,313.