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  • Alleged mugger explains his attack on 84 year old

    A need for money.
    Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said that was the motive a man gave for allegedly mugging an 84-year-old woman Monday.
    The suspect, 23-year-old Kingston resident Benjamin Heath Clark, was arrested on Wednesday. He is charged with aggravated robbery.
    “We got a couple of good leads and a couple of good tips,” Washam said. “We went and paid him a visit, and he gave a written confession.”

  • Birthday girl
  • Give blood for the holidays

    Medic Regional Blood Center is reminding people that the need for blood knows no holiday.  
    The giving is easy, too. A community blood drive is planned from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, Dec. 10, at Midway High School on 530 Loudon Hwy. Just look for the Bloodmobile there.
    Medic provides area hospitals with life-saving blood throughout the holiday season when donations tend to drop.  

  • Holidays provide plenty to sneeze at

    The holiday spirit can trigger allergic reactions to live trees and poinsettias, nut brittles, scented candles, dusty decoration boxes and even Santa’s fur-trimmed suit.
    Allergy and asthma sufferers can breathe easier this holiday season by following some tips from a national allergy bureau doctor.
    Getting out the boxes of holiday decorations from years gone by is a time-honored tradition. But in addition to stirring up memories, it also stirs up allergies.

  • Looseleaf Laureate: The waiting room – an emotional rollercoaster

    Thanks to a tennis accident, a massive blood clot in my leg,  a bout with cancer, a bum gall bladder and a few other health issues, I’ve spent more time than I care to recall in and around hospitals.
    So when my mother went in last week for surgery to relieve compression on her spine, I jokingly told her, “Better you than me.”
    Later, as I sat alone for hours in the surgery waiting room, I decided she had the easier role.

  • Josh Igou insurance office undergoes repairs
  • Students get A’s in giving back

    Kids today.
    Often that pronouncement is made in a negative sense, but many Roane County school students are proving that young people can substantially contribute to their community.
    From collecting wrapping paper for Operation REACH, the charity that helps needy Roane County families buy Christmas gifts, to collecting food and other items for the Roane County Animal Shelter, Roane County young folks have shown they have big hearts.
    Rockwood High School isn’t just where Operation REACH volunteers wrap the presents needy children bought their families.

  • Fleischmann lands spot on important House committee

    Third District Congressman Chuck Fleischmann has been appointed to the House Appropriations Committee for the 113th Congress.
    The appointment means the 3rd District, which includes Roane County, will have some clout on one of the most powerful committees in the House.

  • Teens learn free speech not free of consequences

    First Amendment Center
    “This is going on your permanent record” may be the most time-honored threat to wayward students, but in a digital age, it’s actually true.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: It’s time to revisit Dr. Rywell’s apple stack cake

    Gentle reader, there comes a time when repeating oneself is no longer repetition but instead tradition.
    Thus it is with our annual holiday column about our beloved Tennessee Apple Stack Cake, also known in this area as “Fruit Cake.”
    As we have said many times before, what is being offered in some grocery stores as apple stack cake is not our Tennessee Apple Stack Cake.