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  • Austin critic in favor of restoring rights

    Former judge Thomas Austin declined to discuss why he feels he’s entitled to his citizenship rights back.  

    “I don’t have any comment about that because my lawyer is handling it for me,” Austin said Friday.

    “He told me not to comment to anybody, so I’m going to listen to my lawyer,” he added. “That’s what I’m paying him for.”

    Austin’s attorney is Browder Williams. He said Austin is seeking to have his rights restored because the law allows him to.

  • Out to Lunch: No better 100th celebration than lunching at Newk’s

    Newk’s, my 100th published “Out to Lunch” adventure, came recommended by folks in the medical field.
    I previously mentioned a surprise interview with Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic nurse practitioner Nancy Dusek, who had injected my hip with “WD-40” (steroid).
    I asked her to recommend another place to have lunch when I went back for a refill four months later. She encouraged me to try Newk’s at the west end of Turkey Creek.
    I drove out Turkey Creek on my way home, eyeballed the café and made a mental note to put it on my prospect list.

  • FORE!

    Kingston resident Jim Smith takes a swing on the green during a recent outing at Southwest Point Golf Course.

  • Training program receives grant

    Roane State Community College’s Advanced Materials Training and Education Center is the recipient of a $5,000 grant from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
    ORNL recently won a Gordon Battelle Prize for scientific discovery and technology impact.
    As a Gordon Battelle Prize winner, ORNL was given the opportunity to direct a $5,000 education grant to the school (K-12 or higher education) of its choice.

  • Sisterly milestone: Triple nifty at 50

    The Stout triplets are still as close as ever as they approach their 50th birthday.

    Representing three out of 12 siblings (six boys — two of whom are twins — and six girls), Paula Ann Stout Pavlik, Patricia Ann Stout Phillips and Pamela Ann Stout Edmonds will celebrate 50 years of memories with each other on March 12.

    “We’re a very close family,” Edmonds said during one of the sisters’ ritual lunch outings at Gondolier Restaurant in Harriman.

  • Bonuses indicate school board is OK with McGriff

    As the Roane County Board of Education gets ready for a discussion on who will lead the schools in the future, the current leader’s most recent performance bonus indicates board members think she’s done a good job.  

    Director of Schools Toni McGriff received $15,000 out of a possible $15,000 last year.

    It was the highest performance bonus she’s earned since becoming director of schools in 2005.

    The bonuses are based on school board evaluations. A point system determines the amount.

  • Jellico tops Harriman for region title, 70-68

    Two days after a dramatic 85-83 victory over Wartburg in the Region 2-A semifinals, the Harriman Blue Devils were in another nail-biter Thursday night, but the results weren't as good as Jellico downed the Blue Devils 70-68 in the Region 2-A championship game at Harriman.

  • Tight quarters hinders recycling

    At the Roane County Recycling Center, space has become an issue.

    “It’s really hard to take care of everything that needs to be done,” said solid waste coordinator Ralph Stewart.

    Over the past five years, the recycling center’s intake of cardboard has soared from approximately 20 tons of cardboard a month to 20 tons a week.

  • With revolution, democracy may not be enough

    The revolutions sweeping across Northern Africa and the Middle East could mark the beginning of a historic advance for democratic freedom — ranking in significance with such milestones of liberty as the American Revolution of 1776 and the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991.
    Or these upheavals could end with one tyranny replacing another, as happened after the French Revolution of 1789 and may yet occur in post-Soviet Russia.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET by Gerald Largen: Recent outrages require comment & criticism

    Kind reader, we are not unaware of the fact that since the beginning of the new year we have failed to follow our usual pattern of choice of subject matter upon which to write these weekly columns.
    From the inception of these columns we have tried, and generally been successful in writing about several different fields.
    These have included history, biography, reminiscences, travel, gastronomy, gardening, tributes — both current and post mortem, law, philosophy and politics.