Today's News

  • Digital system silent on scanners

    People who like to monitor police radio traffic on scanners may have noticed a lot of silence lately. 

    That’s because police and other emergency agencies are now using a new communications system.

    Robert Langley, assistant director for Roane County E-911, said it’s a 700/800 MHz digital system. 

    It may mean scanner silence for the general public, but Langley said the new system has interoperability, which allows better communication between police, firemen and other emergency workers.  

  • Harriman delays extending lease on radio-controlled plane park

    A former member of the Tennessee Eagles radio-controlled airplane club convinced Harriman City Council to hold off on renewing the organization’s three-year lease agreement.

    The group leases its airstrip on what is called the Harriman industrial property. Terry Webb asked the council to consider leasing the property to him instead.

    “I was instrumental in developing that park,” said Webb, a former Tennessee Eagles member who owns a hobby shop in downtown Harriman.

  • Farewells said to departing commissioners



    The responsibility of passing the county’s budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year could be left for the next county commission.

    The current commission voted to postpone the budget resolutions on Monday’s agenda until September.

    “All of these can’t be acted on tonight because we do not have a certified tax rate,” Commission Chairman Troy Beets said.

    The current commission terms expire on Aug. 31, and the commission will have six new members when it meets in September.

  • Plea issued for missing Ponderosa sign



    About 40 years ago, Sydney Woodlee went door-to-door in her Ponderosa development collecting money for an attractive sign to designate the then-relatively new neighborhood.

    The large, wooden sign has since been a Bluff Road landmark until two weeks ago, when it went missing.

    The sheriff’s office has been contacted, but based on previous experience, Woodlee is taking an extra step — making a public plea for the sign’s return.

  • Offenses put up big numbers in scrimmage

    The scoreboard at Rockwood's Civitan Field wasn't turned on for Thursday's scrimmage between the host Tigers and visiting Scott Highlanders, but if it was on it would have got quite a workout as the Tigers and Highlanders had no trouble moving the ball in a two-hour scrimmage that would see Scott come out on top, 33-28.

    Tiger head coach John Webb, however, knew his defense would have problems against the Highlanders' high-octane spread offense led by 2,000-yard passer Jacob Sexton.

  • Kingston participates in four-way scrimmage

    Vic King’s Kingston Yellow Jackets participated in their first fall scrimmage Friday as Kingston took on Webb, Morristown East and Wartburg in a four-way scrimmage at Webb School of Knoxville.

    Scoring was hard to keep track of as the scrimmage was played on two fields, one measuring 70 yards and one measuring 90. The scrimmages were also divided into a first-team portion lasting 13 plays for each first team’s offense and seven plays for the second team units.

  • Election notes: Heat still on for some



    Officials who were not re-elected on Thursday could still have some important business to tend to.

    The county has yet to pass a budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year. The budget could come up for a vote before the current county executive and commission terms expire on Aug. 31.

  • Devils tie Monterey in scrimmage

    The Harriman Blue Devils took part in their first scrimmage of the fall Friday night as Travis Tapp's squad traveled to Monterey and battled to a 14-14 tie with the Wildcats.

    Like most teams who hit the field for their first scrimmage, Harriman's night featured some good plays, but coach Tapp feels his Devils have a lot to work on before taking on Kingston in their Aug. 27 season opener.

  • Woody wins county executive race; Beets beaten on county commission



    Stay the course or a new direction. That was the choice presented in the race for Roane County executive.

    The voters chose change and elected Ron Woody to be the next county executive.

    "It's exciting," Woody said. "It was a lot of hard work. I'd like to thank all my supporters. This was possible because of them"

  • Emergency chief defends spending



    Take-home vehicles. Expensive sunglasses. Too many employees.

    Those are some of the issues that have been brought up about Roane County’s emergency management department over the past year.

    In a lengthy interview, director Howie Rose addresses numerous issues and seeks to provide insight on why his department has a need for certain items, such as flat-screen televisions and flashy rims for emergency vehicles.