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  • Property Transfers

    Property deed transfers in Roane County from Jan. 19-Feb. 7:

    From Shannon Conley Clerk and Master, Randall S. Patton and Julia D. Dalton to Samuel B. Thornton by deed, Dist. 3, Map 1000 Group D, $344.68.

    From Shannon Conley Clerk and Master, Weston Tucker Estate and Mary Louise Tucker Estate to Samuel B. Thornton by deed, Dist. 4, Map 105 Control Map 105, $600.

    From Marion J. Day and Anna Mae Day to Melissa Kear by quit-claim deed, Dist. 3, 1.16 acres, Little Johnson Valley Road, $0.

  • General Sessions Court

    Editor’s note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.

    Jared T. Jordan, disorderly conduct Nov. 6, 2004. Dismissed July 14, capias recalled.

    Jason B. Scott, no insurance on file June 19, 2005. Dismissed July 12, cost to state.

    Jason Brent Scott, no insurance on file Aug. 13, 2005. Dismissed July 12, cost to state.

    Jason E. Poland, probation violation June 7. Guilty plea July 26, convicted.

  • Roane County E-911 February dispatches
  • County could get TVA campground

    Roane County could be taking over some TVA land.
    County Executive Ron Woody said the quasi-federal agency has approached the county about operating the Riley Creek campground.
    “Roane County will need to apply, and we still must approve, but we have said we are willing to consider and we think it is a good idea,” TVA spokesman Travis Brickey said.
    The campground is south of Kingston behind Anglers Cove subdivision.

  • Couple indicted

    A Harriman pair was indicted for selling drugs in a school zone.
    Stacy L. Inman and Marshaun Luden of 112 Redwood Drive were indicted for one count of possession for resale of a schedule substance in school zone.
    The indictment said that in May 2009 the couple sold marijuana in the amount of more than one half ounce but less than 10 pounds within 1000 yards of the grounds of a school facility.
    Police said the majority of the buys took place near Harriman High School.

  • TVA campground schedules

    The Tennessee Valley Authority’s 11 seasonal campgrounds on reservoirs throughout the Tennessee River watershed will open for the 2011 recreation season on Friday, March 18.
    These are in addition to about 70 TVA day-use recreation areas located on dam reservations that are open year-round.
    Day-use recreation areas are used for hiking, fishing, boating, picnicking, wildlife viewing and swimming. The season for most campgrounds runs through Nov. 14.

  • Sewer rates in Midtown need more rethinking

    Some Roane County wastewater plant customers are complaining about having to pay for sewage treatment they do not use.
    We see another flaw in the billing system.
    Unlike many other utilities, the Roane County wastewater plant charges a flat fee for residential customers — no matter how much waste they produce.
    That means that a family of five — perhaps with two working adults — pays the same as an elderly person who lives along on a limited, fixed income.
    Where’s the fairness in that?

  • IMPRESSIONS by Johnny Teglas

    My social-network friends often share snippets of their lives with me and the rest of the cyberworld on a daily basis.
    That’s fine. I enjoy keeping up with their comings and goings that way.
    To be honest, though, I seldom post much about my world.
    I choose to share those thoughts with you here in this space.
    While I am known to blog at roanecounty.com, I am much more comfortable offering up ramblings on paper with ink.

  • 4-H Chick Chain
  • Roane County welcomes Miss Tennessee