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  • Harriman says no way to beer changes

    Harriman leaders showed last week they take regulating beer sales seriously.
    Despite the removal of controversial wording that would allow for special-events permits, Harriman City Council voted against the measure that enumerated a number of beer restriction changes.
    “We don’t feel like we should have alcoholic beverages in Riverfront Park or sold on the main thoroughfare during festivals,” said businessman James Harmon.
    “Families attend these events, and we just don’t think it is right,” he added.

  • ‘Taj Mahal’ warehouse voted down

    The cost for a proposed warehouse is too much for Harriman Utility Board members.
    “There is no way the board is going to approve a $17 million facility,” said board chairman Gary Goff last month.
    Goff described the board as “sticker shocked.”
    The proposed facility has been called a “Taj Mahal” warehouse by disgruntled ratepayers. The $17-million price tag was given for a warehouse with all the bells and whistles, and board members said they listened in disbelief when the cost was presented to them in February.

  • Inmate dies in Roane County Jail

    The District Attorney General’s Office is investigating the death of an inmate at the Roane County Jail.
    The inmate, Robert Allen Harrison, died Friday morning.
    “We were holding him for Oliver Springs for failure to appear on drug charges,” Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said.
    Harrison, of 104 Princeton Road in Oak Ridge, was 50 years old.
    “He had a long history of medical issues,” Stockton said.

  • Presidential protection no picnic, Roane judge recalls


  • Officials getting to work on ‘heckuva’ budget document


  • Utilities manager search still going

    The search continues for a manager for Rockwood Water, Sewer and Gas.
    Kimberly Ramsey, a civil engineer who worked many years as town engineer and in public works at Farragut, will be interviewed during a 7 p.m. workshop today, April 11.
    Bryan Fowler, a civil engineer and former Morristown wastewater operations manager, was Rockwood City Council’s top choice last month, but Rockwood Mayor James Watts said negotiations are at a standstill.

  • Patton arrested again

    Former constable Mark Patton was arrested Friday and taken to the Roane County Jail.
    Sheriff Jack Stockton said the arrest stemmed from a warrant out of McMinn County for failure to pay child support.
    “They’re coming to get him,” Stockton said Friday of McMinn authorities.
    Patton was first arrested on Dec. 30 for failure to pay child support. The mother of his daughter, McMinn resident Lynne Harris, said Patton owed more than $30,000.

  • Butler asks Harriman ratepayers to attend Tuesday presentation

    Harriman Utility Board officials say electric rates are competitive with other area suppliers — and even lower than neighboring Rockwood Electric Utility.
    That hasn’t stopped customers from banding together against what they feel is exorbitant electric and gas rates in the city.
    Attorney Donice Butler, an attorney with a downtown office and a home in the Cornstalk Heights community, has spearheaded an effort to investigate utility practices and perhaps even discuss options to make changes at the utility.