Today's News

  • Gallaher Road fire erupts

    The old Rogers Southeastern Lubricants building on Gallaher Road in Kingston caught fire Wednesday night. Flames could be seen from Interstate 40. Kingston Fire Department Chief Willie Gordon said the cause of the fire was still unknown Thursday morning.  
    “The renter had stated that they had some electrical problems that they reported to the owner of the building,” he said.    
    The blaze was reported to E-911 dispatch around 8:20 p.m. Multiple crews responded.  

  • High heating bills add to winter's chill

    Unusually cold weather continues to swell customers heating bills this winter.

    While it seems February is turning milder, people are just getting the heating costs for January, which continued the December trend of biting cold winds and below-average lows.

    “Generally, we saw many bills that came out in January for December usage double the amount for the same period last year or for the month preceding. That was to be expected based on the unusually cold weather in December,” said Harriman Utility Board manager Chuck Flora.

  • Rockwood considers take-home vehicle policy

    Rockwood officials are considering whether to amend the city’s take-home police vehicle policy for some out-of-county officers.

    After much debate, a committee was formed to bring back a recommendation.

    “The city has a policy that allows employees in an emergency position to drive their vehicles home if they live inside the 5th Civil District,” Mayor James Watts said at a recent meeting.

    The change is being considered because of a K-9 officer living in Morgan County.

  • Tigers pick up district split

    The Rockwood Tigers picked up a big District 3-A victory Tuesday night as Paul Kamikawa’s squad travelled to Greenback and knocked off the Cherokees, 56-47.

    The news wasn’t as good for the Lady Tigers, however, as Greenback picked up a 44-43 victory.

    Tuesday’s results also leave the District 3-A standings in a bit of a mess.

    The Lady Tigers are currently second in the standings with one game left on their schedule. A victory over Midway Friday would secure the Lady Tigers at least a second place tie for Rockwood in the final district standings.

  • Bobcats pounce Tigers for first win

    Often, a one-win season can be the equivalent of kissing your sister, but for the Oliver Springs Bobcats, that win against the Sunbright Tigers had to be like kissing Megan Fox as they pulled off their first win of the 2010-2011 basketball season with a 51-40 stunner over the Sunbright Tigers.

    The Bobcats started the season with 25 straight losses, but have shown steady improvement over the last month and missed out with close losses against Coalfield, Oakdale and District 4-A champion Jellico in the past three weeks.

  • Just dance
  • Commandments shouldn’t be forced issue

    It’s not every day that a school board votes unanimously to ignore legal advice, defy Supreme Court precedent and invite litigation.
    But that’s exactly what happened late last month in Giles County, Va., when members of the board ordered school administrators to hang the Ten Commandments on the walls of the county’s five public schools.
    Rehang, actually.

  • IMPRESSIONS by Johnny Teglas

    A tough guy … that’s what most of us weekend warriors like to think of ourselves.
    Fact of the matter is, we’re all pretty much far from it, as the Boss reminds me quite often.
    Just a few days ago, the most wonderful woman on God’s green earth shook “my world.”
    “Quit whining!” she ordered.
    Weenie that I am, I immediately complied.
    Still, I secretly pined inside.
    When I awoke and showered before church, I could tell something wasn’t just right.

  • Kingston considers wakeboard competition for July 4 celebration

    The Fourth of July will look a little different in Kingston this summer.
    City parks and recreation director Rick Ross, speaking at a city council workshop last week, outlined the plans for the next July 4.
    “Most people want to know, will there be boat races,” he said.
    “Not in the traditional sense, no,” Ross said.
    Instead, he said, the city is looking to bring wakeboarding competition to the lakefront for the popular summer holiday.
    Ross said the relationship between the city and the boat race organizer had soured.

  • Rockwood sewer woes land city in trouble with the state

    Rockwood’s wastewater treatment plant was cited last month for discharges and for failing to turn in paperwork in a timely manner.
    Officials knew a citation was in the making and said they have taken steps in recent months to begin projects at the plant and in the system to come into compliance.
    Engineers will be bringing recommendations back to address the problems to the Rockwood Water, Sewer and Gas Board, according to Mayor James Watts.