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  • EPA noted ash radiation concerns



    Three weeks after the disaster at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency handed over the job of lead federal agency to TVA.

    The EPA-to-TVA transition came just days after an EPA on-scene coordinator expressed concerns about a radiation report that was generated during the agency’s response to the disaster.       

    How significant those concerns may be has yet to be established.

  • Lawyers add plaintiffs in ash spill lawsuit



    Seven lawsuits against TVA have been filed in the nearly four months since the rupture of an ash pond at the Kingston Fossil Plant that released 5.4 million cubic yards of the ash into the surrounding rivers and across land.

    One lawsuit in particular has doubled in plaintiffs since it was filed on Feb. 18.

    Robin Greenwald, an attorney with Weitz and Luxenberg, said the original 108 plaintiffs have grown to more than 200.

  • Neighbors protest Dogwood Music Festival



    Alan Gordon left the courthouse Wednesday night wondering what’s the use of paying county taxes.

    Sally Rhynehart left wondering if she'll wake up one morning with a Woodstock party going on in her neighborhood.

    Joey Jaccard departed the building with unanimous approval to hold an arts and music festival off of Dogwood Valley Road.

    Gordon, Rhynehart and two other area residents spoke against Jaccard receiving a special-use permit to hold the festival.

  • Brown bows out in committee controversy



    Amid controversy, Roane County Administrator of Elections Tony Brown withdrew his name for consideration for the Roane County Long Range Recovery Committee.

    Brown would have replaced Matt Caldwell as one of Kingston’s representatives. Caldwell stepped down due to a possible future conflict.

    Councilwoman Teresa Ferguson suggested Brown as a potential candidate.

  • UPDATED: Community mourns tragic death of RCHS senior

    People loved James E. Sams III, No. 8 on the Roane County High School football team, for his winning smile and his athleticism. But it was Sams' intelligence that won him an academic scholarship to Tusculum College. All that was lost Tuesday evening when Sams died in a head-on crash on Hwy. 70. Sams wasn't wearing a seatbelt when his car crossed over the center line on Hwy.

  • Rockwood city councilman dies



    After suffering from a stroke and pneumonia in February, Rockwood City Councilman Gene East passed away on Thursday morning.

    East was at The Bridge at Rockwood doing rehabilitation and recuperating and seemed to be doing much better, but was taken to Methodist Medical Center at Oak Ridge earlier in the week for an infection, city officials said.

    “He had gotten out some and was using a walker,” city recorder Jim Hines said.

  • Emotions run high as election chief replaced



    Tony Brown might still be Roane County’s administrator of elections if all the people who attended Friday’s election commission meeting had a chance to vote.

    However, the only people who had a say were the newly sworn commissioners.

    They voted 3-2 to not retain him.

    “Guys, this is political,” election commissioner Mike Pemberton said. “Bottom line, Mr. Brown has been fired because he’s a Democrat.”

  • George Hyatte wants to take back guilty plea



    Criminal Court Judge Eugene Eblen asked a direct question and got a direct answer from defendant George Hyatte during a plea hearing on March 9.

    “Do you understand fully what you’re charged with and what you’re pleading guilty to?” Eblen asked.

    “Yes,” Hyatte responded.

    Despite his affirmation in open court, Hyatte now wants to flip flop on his guilty plea, claiming he was hoodwinked.

  • Slain deputy had Kingston ties



    Authorities in the Sunshine State aren't the only feeling the loss after two officers were shot to death while making a domestic disturbance call in Florida's Panhandle Saturday.

    Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam was a longtime friend and classmate of Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy Warren York. York was killed with fellow deputy Burt Lopez in a brief shootout with a man accused of beating his wife.

  • Sheriff once again adds to number of proposed new jailers



    Some Christmas gifts just keep on giving. The new Roane County Jail could be the project that just keeps on costing.

    Sheriff Jack Stockton has revised the number of additional staff he said he’ll need to operate the facility. He previously put the number at eight full time and four part time.