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  • General Sessions Court: April 2-9, 2012

    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as, or similar to, other members of the community.

    April 2 — Edward D. Gibbons, probation violation. Dismissed. Failure to appear misdemeanor. Capias recalled by office.

    • James R. Doss, vandalism $1,000-$10,000, two counts domestic assault, theft under $500, setting fire to personal property and probation violation. All abated by death.

    • Jason S. Babb, vandalism up to $500. Dismissed.

  • Candidate kills self

    Roane County property assessor candidate J.T. Woods shot himself in the head at Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham’s house Thursday morning.
    He was later pronounced dead at Roane Medical Center.
    Woods was 56. 
    Kingston police called his death a suicide as a result of the self-inflicted gunshot wound.
    Assistant Police Chief Gary Nelson said a note with the words “good bye everyone” was found in Woods’ vehicle.

  • Other assessor candidate withdraws

    Citing personal reasons, Roane County property assessor candidate Cheryl Laxton announced this week that she was suspending her campaign.
    “I’ve been asked to take care of my mother and being that I’m the only child that is in the position to stay with her 24/7, I must do this,” she said.
    Laxton said her mother is “ill and needs care.”
    “I lost my dad in December 2008, and I’ve always felt that I didn’t do enough for him, and I won’t let this happen with my mother,” she said.

  • Young Marine from area dies

    A young man who joined the U.S. Marine Corps after his graduation from Oliver Springs High School died while serving at the base in Quantico, Va.
    The obituary of Donald Edward Bowlin, 19, said the Harriman teen died on Monday, May 21.
    The cause was not initially clear.
    Bowlin shared the pride he had in joining their ranks while nearing his graduation only a year ago when he was interviewed with other high school seniors who planned to or already had enlisted with different military branches.
    Being a Marine was his  longtime dream.

  • $210,000 for new sheriff’s cars

    The vehicle replacement program for the Roane County Sheriff’s Office will continue in the 2012-13 fiscal year.
    During a meeting with Sheriff Jack Stockton and Chief Deputy Tim Phillips on Tuesday, the budget committee voted to earmark $210,000 for new sheriff’s vehicles in the upcoming budget.
    “The sheriff’s office needs more newer, reliable vehicles than the other departments,” County Executive Ron Woody said. “He kind of gets first dibs on new ones, and some of his replacements get shifted down to other departments.”

  • Man choppered out after fall

    A Harriman man had a serious fall from a tree and was flown by Lifestar to University of Tennessee Medical Center Tuesday morning.
    The man, whose name was not available at press time, had climbed from an extension ladder up into some trees at 125 Redwood Drive.
    “He was clearing some trees around his pool or something,” said Harriman Fire Chief Brad Goss.
    Goss said the first responder unit at the scene reported that the man wasn’t complaining of much pain; however, emergency personnel didn’t waste any time in rushing him to a hospital.

  • Dr. Bill Bass to speak at free event at Harriman High

    The founder of University of Tennessee’s Body Farm, Dr. Bill Bass, will be sharing his first-hand accounts of unusual and interesting forensic cases he’s worked on during a free event at Harriman High School auditorium on Tuesday, June 5, from 6 to 9 p.m.
    A press release said many of his cases have inspired his numerous novels, works of fiction with some basis on true-to-life crimes.

  • TVA siren test June 7

    TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant will conduct a brief test of emergency sirens at the plant on Thursday, June 7, at 11:30 a.m.
    The sirens may be loud enough to be heard outside the plant boundaries.
    This is only a test.
    The sirens are used to notify plant personnel in the event of a chemical release at the plant.
    TVA routinely conducts training and drills at Kingston and other fossil plants where chemicals are stored, to ensure proper procedures are followed if a spill or release of the materials were to occur onsite.

  • Looseleaf Laureate: Simplify! Unplug, get outdoors and reconnect

    I went camping over Memorial Day weekend, even though temperatures were unseasonably high.
    It felt good to get out of the air conditioning and spend my days like people did when I was a child.
    Back then, when many people lived and worked without air conditioning, real exertion was reserved for cooler times of the day.
    And so it was in the morning that I would pull out my bicycle and ride the back roads of Crawford.
    I spent evenings strolling the length of the big farm I was camping on.

  • GUEST OPINION: Censorship at library should never happen

    First Amendment Center
    Being a librarian is a tough job. You have to tend to your community’s diverse information needs, often while working with limited resources. The job gets tougher when you find yourself in the crossfire of public opinion over a book.

    This time it’s a controversial trilogy of books called Fifty Shades of Grey, erotic novels that have moved to the top of the best-selling lists all across America.