Today's News

  • Mullins deal in works on tax penalties, fees

    Under the direction of Chancellor Frank Williams, lawyers have drafted an order that would eliminate penalties, interest and fees from the delinquent tax bill of Roane County road superintendent candidate Brian Mullins.
    Mullins was in court on July 20 fighting the 18-percent interest, attorneys fees and other penalties on his delinquent tax bill, which is running in the thousands-of-dollars range.

  • Mayfield donation ‘every-year’ thing

    Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said free Mayfield ice cream will be available at the department’s National Night Out on Tuesday.
    “Every year, they’ll donate to us either lemonade or ice cream,” he said.
    Michael Mayfield, son of Mayfield Dairy Farms president and congressional candidate Scottie Mayfield, was the focus of a vandalism investigation in April of this year.

  • Rockwood city worker found unconscious

    A Rockwood Park and Recreation employee was treated at Methodist Medical Center after being found unconscious at the Mike “Brillo” Miller Sports Complex last week.
    Mayor James Watts said employees found Mike Reed, who was transported by ambulance to Oak Ridge.
    “They put a stint in one of the arteries going to his heart. From what they tell me he’s doing OK,” Watts said.
    Watts said it’s not the first time that Reed has had health issues on the job and that he has heart issues.

  • Ferguson says no business will go to brother’s paving company

    Dennis Ferguson said the old adage of blood is thicker than water will not apply if he becomes Roane County road superintendent.
    “It don’t matter how thick it is,” he said. “My brother will not do no work for Roane County.”
    Greg Ferguson runs Ferguson’s Paving in Midtown. He’s done work for the county before.
    Some of the past jobs include sealing and restriping the parking lot of Kingston Elementary School and cleaning, sealing and striping a parking lot at Cherokee Middle School.

  • County takes wildlife agency to court on closed-road issue

    Roane County Attorney Tom McFarland has filed a complaint for declaratory judgment against the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in Roane County Chancery Court.
    A declaratory judgment is a judgment of a court which determines the rights of parties without ordering anything be done or awarding damages
    The county commission authorized him to do so by unanimous vote on July 9.
    At issue is what’s described in the complaint as “the Old Mountain Road,” which is located in the western part of the county. 

  • Kingston looks to double participation in triathlon

    Kingston Parks and Recreation Director Rick Ross is hoping to double participation for the second annual Storm the Fort Olympic-distance triathlon scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 25.
    Last year’s inaugural event drew 132 athletes from as far away as Texas.
    “Last year’s triathlon went really well,” Ross said. “Everyone loved the swim, loved the race and loved the run. It’s a fun event and brought a lot of attention to Kingston.”

  • 1st Amendment violation not needed for justice

    First Amendment Center
    In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Alvarez come two news items that remind us that lies about military service are best addressed with existing laws and information, not new and overbroad legislation.
    Last month, the Supreme Court in a 6-to-3 vote struck down the Stolen Valor Act, which had made it a crime to falsely claim military honors. The Court found that the act violated the First Amendment, criminalizing deceitful speech without a showing of fraud or other criminal activity.

  • Gala for writing scholarship a huge success

    The Roane Writers Group held a fundraising Gala on July 21 on Watts Bar Lake at the beautiful home of our hostess Margaret Brogdon of Rockwood.
    All donations and proceeds will be used to fund the Roane County Student Writing Contest Awards and Scholarship Program sponsored by the Kingston Public Library Foundation and The Roane writers Group.

  • Let’s get good restaurant near new hospital

    I was a school teacher in the Atlanta area for 38 years. I retired in 2008 and moved back to Tennessee to be close to my family.  I love the scenic mountains and lakes that surround us.
    Being from Atlanta, I was used to nice restaurants and retailers. The new Roane Medical Center on Hwy. 70 will be opening in 2013.
    This is an excellent opportunity for new businesses to locate in Roane County, but it seems new business growth is stymied in this county.
    I have heard from many sources as to the reasons for this lack of progress. This makes me very sad.

  • Generosity for Shriners’ effort to be commended

    Shriners Hospitals for Children is a network of 22 non-profit hospitals  across North America. Children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate are eligible for care and receive all services in a family-centered environment, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. The cost to operate these 22 hospitals is $1.7 million per day.