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  • Harriman budget may wait till after election

    Harriman officials are eyeing a 2016-17 city budget that does not include a property tax increase.

    Harriman City Council will likely discuss the budget on Aug. 2, but officials are debating whether to wait until after the Aug. 4 election for passage to give those elected an opportunity to share their opinion before they take office.

    The budget does not include more money for paving. The city borrowed more than $2 million for paving this fiscal year.

  • Senior Showchoir in Kingston on Aug. 1

    The 60-member Senior Showchoir of Bristol, Va., will be in Kingston for the upcoming Young at Heart meeting.

    The meeting starts at 10 a.m. Aug. 1 in Kingston First Baptist Church’s family life center.

    The church is at 215 N. Kentucky St.

    Senior groups from other churches have been invited to attend this special program and performance.

  • INSIDE the First AMENDMENT: What is ‘free speech’ on the web?

    Who can say what, on the Web?

    Twitter has raised questions anew with reports of a lifetime ban on tweets from conservative blogger Milo Yiannopoulos — reportedly after complaints that he engineered a wave of racist and sexist comments directed against comedian and actress Leslie Jones, who is co-starring in the latest “Ghostbusters” movie.

    Yiannopoulos is an editor on the conservative blog site Breitbart.com, whose posts frequently create controversy on the web.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: The McGovern Rules bad for both parties

    Phineas Taylor Barnum, the celebrated nineteenth century showman, is said to have opined that: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    The continued success of the Donald Trump campaign for the presidency is patent proof of the truth of old P.T.’s observation.

    The Unabridged Edition of the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, provides this definition: “Sucker. 2. Informal. a person easily cheated, deceived, or imposed upon.”

  • ‘Christmas in July’ fundraiser to help those in area nursing homes

    The Lady Associates of the Tennessee Valley Defenders Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club recently had a “Christmas in July” motorcycle ride to fund area nursing home visits and Christmas baskets.

    Club President Randy Childs said the event raised more than $1,000 to help residents who don’t typically receive visitors.

    Club members will meet with the residents in months prior to the holiday to introduce themselves and get to know them before taking them Christmas baskets.

  • Jury selected for Smoot murder trial

    Ten women and six men will serve as jurors and alternates in Shawn Smoot's first-degree murder trial in Kingston.

    The jury was selected early Wednesday evening. Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks allowed the 16 to go home Wednesday before their sequestration begins Thursday.

    They will be staying at a local hotel under the watch of members of the Roane County Sheriff's Office.


    Jesse Trevino thought he had beaten a rare kidney disorder he battled as a teen, but his struggle is far from over.

    In February, Trevino learned the autoimmune disease MPGN Type 2 is again attacking his kidneys, and he was suffering from renal failure.

    “He’s on dialysis three days a week, four hours at a time,” said his aunt Michelle Runions.

    “I have my good days and my bad days,” Trevino added. “Some days, I just want to go home and sleep, and other days I’m all right.”

  • Former RSCC player suing Rockwood, police officers

    A former Roane State Community College basketball player is accusing Rockwood police of excessive force and arresting him with no probable cause in a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month.

    “As a result of this incident, plaintiff lost his scholarship and when neither he nor his family could continue to afford his tuition, plaintiff was forced to drop out of college,” claims Xavier Howard in the suit against the city of Rockwood, former patrolman Chris Kennedy and Police Sgt. Randy Keahy.

  • Jury interviews continuing for Smoot trial

    Jury selection in the Shawn Smoot murder trial has been slow going so far.

    Prospects were interviewed individually outside the presence of the public on Monday and Tuesday about pretrial publicity and personal issues.

    Those that weren’t excused were told to report back to court today – Wednesday – to continue the selection process. Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks told them that failure to return could result in a $500 fine.

    The trial could last several weeks and the jury seated to hear the case could also be sequestered.

  • Roane’s Woody not picked for Milan post

    Roane County Schools Elementary Supervisor Keevin Woody was not selected for the Milan Special School District’s director of schools position.

    Milan School Board Chairman Sid Crocker said Jonathan Criswell was picked during a meeting on Monday.

    Milan is in Gibson County, which is in West Tennessee.

    Woody, Criswell and two other candidates interviewed for the director of schools job last week.

    Woody has been elementary supervisor for Roane County Schools since 2012.