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  • A VIEW FROM LICK SKILLET: Conservatives? Today’s Republicans aren’t

    Gentle reader; For some time now we have heard and read with increasing disquietude the claims of various Republican candidates for various offices to be “the Conservative Candidate”.

    But, upon considering these candidates’ platforms when running, and voting records when elected, we have become convinced that none of them are in fact true conservatives.

  • REU board eyes improvements to Kingston office

    The paint is barely dry at Rockwood Electric Utility’s new headquarters in Rockwood, and the board is looking to make upgrades at the Kingston office.

    The REU Board agreed unanimously Tuesday to approve a proposal from McCarty Holsaple McCarty to provide architectural and engineering services leading up to the expected upgrades. Those services will include developing both construction and design documents, said REU General Manager Kendall Bear.

  • INSIDE the First AMENDMENT: Admit it: We need First Amendment

    You may think you love the First Amendment. You may get misty-eyed just thinking about it.

    It calls to mind Woodward and Bernstein unraveling the Watergate scandal, Dr. King leading the March on Washington, Voltaire proclaiming, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” (Voltaire didn’t actually say that, but he probably wouldn’t mind that you think he did.)

    But sooner or later, you will come across something that will make you wonder just what’s so great about freedom of speech.

  • Late to report? Go directly to jail

    Alleged tardiness resulted in a trip to jail for convicted sex offender Gary Wayne Pierce, who is facing a charge of violation of the sex offender registry.  

    The warrant was taken out by state probation/parole officer Timothy Craig on Feb. 3. According to the warrant, state law gives sex offenders 48 hours to report when they are released from jail.

  • Happy birthday, CIVITAN!

    Rockwood Civitan put on quite a little celebration at their meeting Friday afternoon to recognize the 100th anniversary of the founding of Civitan.
    And it was not even a birthday for the club, which was founded on Nov. 15, 1921.

    “In four years we’ll do this again, but it will be for our club,” said Linda Coffey, Rockwood Civitan Club president.

    Club member David Poole, who is listed as being in the club 47 years, joined the club when invited by his boss at Burlington Industries.

  • Police say Harriman man set bed afire

    A Harriman man was recently detained for arson stemming from a Feb. 14 incident.

    Jeremy Allen Byington, 25, was booked into the Roane County Jail on Friday, March 17.

    A Feb. 15 Harriman Police incident report said Harriman police responded to 631 Siluria St. because of a fire near a residence. When they arrived the small fire outside the home was already extinguished by Harriman Fire Department.

    The fire material included clothes and shoes, and the window near the fire had been busted out.

  • Convicted rapist sentenced to 120 years

    A Harriman man has been sentenced to 120 years in prison after being convicted on four counts of rape of a child.

    District Attorney General Russell Johnson’s office announced that at a sentencing hearing this week in Kingston, Roane County Criminal Court Judge Jeff Wicks sentenced 40-year-old John Paul Little to serve 120 years in the Tennessee Department of Corrections prison system.

    Little was convicted by a Roane County jury back in December 2016 following a two-day trial on four counts of rape of a child.

  • Setting SAIL: Appendicitis delays, but doesn’t dampen, excitement of Naval Academy acceptance

    March 1, 2017 will be a day that Roane County High School senior Naomi Parks will never forget.

    It was on that day she had an appendicitis attack that landed her in the hospital for emergency surgery. However, it was also during this time that she received a phone call that will change her life.

    “I was in the emergency room at Roane Medical Center having an appendicitis attack when Congressman (Chuck) Fleischmann called saying I had been accepted into the Naval Academy,” Parks recalls. “I was in pain, but I was really excited.

  • Carp control weeds

    Grass carp have been an effective solution in dealing with invasive weeds, according to a representative of a lake community in Virginia that has battled non-native plants for several years.

    Jeff Caldwell represents Friends of Claytor Lake, a nonprofit organization representing about 2,100 homeowners and others living and working around Claytor Lake in Virginia.

    Caldwell spoke at a meeting  — held in the offices of The Roane Alliance — of a stakeholders group that is being formed to address the weed issue on Watts Bar Lake.

  • Authorities identify fire victim

    A man found dead in a house fire south of Rockwood has been identified.

    Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said the man was Jonathan Pesterfield, 33, of the Kingston area.

    “We had dental records here from the jail,” said Stockton.

    “They made a positive identification from the X-rays.”

    Pesterfield had work done while incarcerated. Those X-rays were given to the Forensic Center in Knoxville, where he was identified.