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  • Playoffs set to start

    The playoffs start tonight for four Roane County football teams after a long and grueling season.

    The season saw many ups and downs for the Kingston Yellow Jackets, the Midway Green Wave, the Oliver Springs Bobcats and the Rockwood Tigers.

    For some of the teams, it will be the first time in the postseason in quite some time. For others, it will be an opportunity to build on success an continue on to the ultimate goal of a state championship.

    Kingston @ West Greene

  • Runner off to NYC Marathon

    After months of training, Tim Phillips is not going to let a terrorist attack stop him from running in Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

    “Any time you do anything in a big city, you’ve always got to think about things like that, but you can’t let that deter you from doing things,” he said.

    Manhattan was the site of a terrorist attack on Tuesday, just days before Phillips and hundreds of other runners are expected to descend on the area for the marathon. Eight people were reportedly killed in the attack.

  • Pair accused in weekend strong-arm robbery

    Two men have been charged in the home invasion and robbery of a Harriman woman and her granddaughter in the early morning hours of Oct. 28.

    Harriman Police Department tracked down the most recent suspect, Austin Kane Penley, 19, of Rockwood, on Tuesday afternoon in South Harriman.

    “The patrol guys in Harriman received information of his location and were able to get out there quickly and detain him for our purposes so we could talk to him,” said Harriman Detective Brian Turner.


    The newest member of the Oliver Springs Police Department is a surefire hit for youngsters.

    A velicoraptor made his debut on Halloween at the Duncan Drive community, a popular trick-or-treat destination for the town.

    “We tried to come up with something we could take to schools and community events like this to get children involved with us,” said Chief Kenneth Morgan.

    He said the dinosaur costume, with moving parts, looked cool and seemed the perfect way to interact with children. 

  • Landowners ask to be part of cities

    For once, Harriman and Rockwood are not fighting with property owners not wanting to be in the city limits.

    Instead, both cities have had requests by property owners to be annexed.

    Rockwood most recently approved a plan of service for 108 Spencer Lane.

    “This is the area the people have asked us to annex,” said Mayor Mike “Brillo” Miller.

    Harriman Regional Planning Commission Chairman Allan Williams has asked that city to annex a vacant property at 231 Highland Drive.

  • ‘He’s a career criminal’

    Larry Matthew Adkisson faces a Dec. 1 sentencing for aggravated burglary and theft. A Roane County jury found him guilty of those charges on Wednesday.

    “He’s a career criminal, so it’s very satisfying to get a conviction,” Assistant District Attorney General Bob Edwards said.

    The jury heard from several witnesses during Adkisson’s two-day trial at the Roane County Courthouse.

  • Fun with Full Metal Jackets
  • Supreme Court won’t hear Leon Houston appeal

    It looks like Leon Houston has run out of options to get his federal conviction overturned after the highest court in the land decided not to review his case.

    Houston was found guilty of transmitting a threat via interstate commerce in 2013, but the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that verdict due to a faulty jury instruction.

    Houston got a new trial in 2015, but the result was the same. After deliberating for less than 30 minutes, the jury returned with a verdict of guilty.

  • Paper mill boat ramp dream close to fruition

    A boat ramp inside the city limits may be close to reality.

    When the EPA recently presented updates to their cleanup plans at the site of the former paper mill site in Harriman, city officials requested they not fill in an area that had washed away because of an old water leak.

    “We asked them to cut it and grade it to where a boat launch could be put in. They agreed to include that,” said City manager Kevin Helms.

    A boat launch in the city limits is among a laundry list of recreation goals many city officials want to see.

  • GOING with the FLO: We need to turn to God and trust him in our country


    We must not be distracted by the “smoke screen” that is being used to sway our mind by these recent indictments. God will reveal the truth if we keep praying for His light to shine in the darkness and expose the plans of our enemies.