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  • Bomb aimed at trio killed two, but made life-saving arm cauterization

    Tom Pemberton doesn’t consider himself a hero.

    A lot of others would disagree. The 91-year-old Rockwood resident is a World War II veteran who is loved by nearly all he has come in contact with over the years.

    Pemberton was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the Pacific campaign late in the war.

    Joining the Marines was a dream come true for Pemberton.

    He graduated Rockwood High School in 1943, and signed up for service even before he had a diploma in his hand.

  • Troops at threat even in times of peace

    American troops risk their lives across the globe, even in peacetime.

    In the early morning hours of Oct. 23, 1983, 241 U.S. military personnel died during peackeeping efforts in Beirut, Lebanon, when a truck bomb exploded at the building housing Marines.

    Ralph Kelly Proffitt of Rockwood was one of the Marines stationed there the day the bombing took place, with the roof collapsing on troops.

    “I lost a lot of friends that day that were brothers,” he said last week. “It is just not something you ever forget.

  • Kingston veteran featured in ‘Heroes’ book

    Kingston veteran Melvin Page is featured in a new book entitled “Conversations with Vietnam Heroes.”

    “Melvin Page could be president because of the way he’s led his life,” author Mack Payne said during an interview on Friday.

    Nine Vietnam veterans share their stories with Payne in the book, which went on sale on Amazon last week.

    Page is featured in Chapter 2.

  • Collier chosen to fill late husband’s Commission seat

    The Roane County Commission picked Peggy Collier to fill the vacancy created by the passing of her husband.

    “I could never be the same commissioner he was, but I can do the best that I can do,” she said.

    Bobby Collier died on Sept. 30. He served on the Commission for 17 years.

    The Commission gave notice last month that it planned to fill the District 6 seat at Monday’s regular meeting.

    Peggy Collier and James Owens were the only two who applied.

  • Wife vows cancer battle won’t be in vain

    Sharon McCuiston feels close to her late husband, Glenn, when she is doing some of his favorite things.

    “He loved being outside,” she remembered. “He loved raking and mowing the lawn.”

    Sharon McCuiston was working in the yard enjoying the fall weather he loved when she decided she should share how pancreatic cancer took Glenn’s life in May 2014.

    November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

    “My goal is awareness,” said McCuiston.

  • Harriman, county aim for Arby’s taxes

    Could the Arby’s food truck that visits Harriman each Wednesday soon have to pay taxes in Roane County?

    Harriman officials are eying working with the rest of the county and local governments to impose similar ordinances creating a taxing mechanism for busineses like the Arby’s food truck.

  • 1 fire, 2 cities

    Harriman is considering a partnership policy with Kingston to roll out immediately on structure fires in the two cities.

    They’ll be looking at the agreement again on Tuesday.

    City Manager Kevin Helms said if this agreement is in place, all units from both cities will head toward the scene of a fire in either Harriman or Kingston as soon as a call is made.

    “If my house is burning, I want everyone to come as quick as they can,” Mayor Chris Mason said. “That is what I would want.”

  • Thank you for SERVING
  • Ledbetter racks up more charges

    Robin Waynette Ledbetter, the woman charged in a deadly Valentine’s Day wreck, picked up additional charges when she was arrested last week.

    Ledbetter allegedly gave police a fake name and fled when they went looking for her at an apartment complex.

    That led to charges of criminal impersonation and evading arrest.

    Ledbetter, 43, was already facing charges of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment, DUI and two counts of vehicular assault.

    The Roane County grand jury indicted her on those charges on Oct. 19.

  • Veterans Day observance set at Oak Grove Cemetery

    A Veterans Day ceremony is planned at Oak Grove Cemetery in Rockwood on Wednesday, Nov. 11.

    The event will begin at 11 a.m. at the cemetery’s flag pole.

    The event includes a flag ceremony with area Boy Scouts placing a flag after the name of every war is named.

    Veteran Lexi Sinnott will speak.

    “She was an Army vet and she was in Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan,” said April Foust, commander of the Rockwood VFW.

    Jamie Jordan, chaplain at The Bridge at Rockwood, will sing.