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  • Gassing up ends with carjacking

    A Harriman man was allegedly carjacked for a 1993 Nissan Altima at the Exxon gas station on North Kentucky Street in Kingston Monday morning.

    The vehicle along with the suspect was later found in Putnam County by Cookeville police.

    The suspect was identified as 36-year-old Benjamin Franklin Dees of 209 Smith St., McMinnville. Kingston Police Department Detective Keith Kile charged him with carjacking and assault.

  • Rockwood residents worry about lake weed treatment

    Despite assurances from utility officials, some Rockwood residents are concerned that the use of herbicide to combat invasive aquatic weeds poses a threat to the community.

    Rockwood Water, Sewer and Natural Gas temporarily suspended pumping several weeks ago after a TVA contractor sprayed herbicide near its raw water intake.

    A statement from Kim Ramsey, utility general manager, later acknowledged that the utility was not aware spraying would be done so close to the intake.

  • Skinny dipping

    Both man and beast are looking for relief from the August heat — and a deer found a way to cool down with a swim in Watts Bar Lake.

  • Car owner goes to jail, car goes away

    A Rockwood man claims he became a crime victim while behind bars.

    Terry Alexander Reese was arrested on Nov. 3, 2016, on a probation violation. He was released from the Roane County Jail on July 30.

    The next day he filed a theft report with the Rockwood Police Department. Reese told Detective Dwayne Gray that he left his 1983 Lincoln Continental parked at the Goldston Apartments when he was arrested last November. Reese said he went looking for his vehicle when he got out of jail and couldn’t find it.

  • Feds mete sentences

    U.S. District Judge Pamela Reeves sentenced three people on Wednesday for their involvement in a Roane County methamphetamine conspiracy.

    Amanda Wells was the first one to learn her fate. Reeves sentenced her to 65 months. Reeves recommended that she be allowed to serve her sentence at the federal prison camp in Alderson, W.Va.

    Lamar England was sentenced second. He also received 65 months. Reeves recommended that he serve the sentence at the federal medical center in Lexington, Ky., or the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina.

  • Cash, drugs seized in stop

    Two people are facing felony drug charges following a traffic stop in Rockwood on Tuesday.

    Seth L. Sherrill is charged with manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamine and manufacture, deliver, sell of schedule II drugs.

    Melissa Ann Flood is charged with manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamine.

    According to the report, Rockwood Police Department Deputy Chief John Mayes stopped Flood’s vehicle under suspicion she was driving on a suspended license. Sherrill was a passenger in the car.

  • Harriman hopes to pave under new budget

    Harriman’s first reading of the fiscal year 2018 budget does not include a property tax or fee increase.

    The $7.5 million budget may not include new revenue in the form of taxes, but the city still hopes to tackle some things like paving, namely paving left over from last year’s paving cycle.

    “It is streets we didn’t get to last year that were part of the ongoing paving project. Then the Margrave Drive we are doing with federal funds,” said city manager Kevin Helms.

  • Worried about losing power during eclipse? Don't be

    About 7 million homes across the country that rely on solar farms and rooftop solar panels will lose power generation during the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21.

    As a result, utilities like PG&E in California have asked their customers turn off appliances during the eclipse to help ease the strain on the grid and avoid the need to start up inefficient back-up power plants.

    Patrick Walshe, TVA operations and analysis manager said TVA customers can watch the eclipse — with eye protection, of course — and relax.

  • New assistant TWRA director named

    Michael May has been named assistant executive director of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

    He moves into his new role after serving as TWRA’s Information Technology (IT) Division chief since September 2011. May will handle a variety of administrative duties.

  • Senior bowlers keep keep on rolling big


    July 28

    1st High Game------ Loretta Carrington, Ken Altes---442

    2nd High Game----Carolyn McGill, Roy Deforest---469

    3rd High Game ----Sandi Eiler, David Dawson---460

    High Scores today—Carolyn McGill-214, 212- games, 605 Series- Loretta Carrington-212 game- Dean Griffin-,228 game, --Rick Alderfer—213, 202 games, 604 Series David Dawson –225, 231 games- 618 Series Roy Deforest-214,201 games-Barry McGill- 213 game Earl Powell- 207 game