Today's News

  • Eagles escape South of the River

    The Oakdale Eagles were able to escape from South of the River with a 65-60 win against the Midway Green Wave Tuesday evening.

    Midway came out fast and physical as evidenced by Bailey Parks coming away with the opening tip off and raced to a lay-up before anyone could react.

    The back-and-forth between the teams continued throughout the first quarter, but the Green Wave’s physical and fast play won out as Midway held an 18-15 lead going into the second period.

  • Ross’s milestone pushes Midway

    Caitlyn Ross scored 21 points and surpassed the 1,000-point milestone on the way to a 55-52 Midway win against Oakdale Tuesday.

    Most of the game was a see-saw battle with the Lady Waves battling to catch up to the Lady Eagles.

    “I told the girls before the game that they had better be ready,” Midway Coach Mike Hayes said. “We haven’t practiced since last Wednesday and we played Thursday night and Friday night.

    “We couldn’t do anything for four days.

  • Come on in — the water’s fine
  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Treason not to applaud Trump? Lincoln & ‘Dixie’

    Gentle reader, as you know, the usual gestation period for the genus homo sapiens is nine months. We have now entered a parallel period of similar length for the gestation of the re-birth of America, or of her death.

    That is, in just under nine months we will have the 2018 Congressional elections whereat all the members of the House of Representatives, and one-third of the Senate will be elected. These elections will be a referendum on the current Republican Government, i.e. the President, the House, and the Senate.

  • GOING with the FLO: Filth and immorality have permeated our society

    America is rotting from within because we’ve put corruptible characters in office. Filth and immorality have permeated our society.

    While watching the drama of the FISA memo, I was reminded of what most of us have forgotten. We must listen to those who are in authority! I don’t listen to anyone who isn’t under authority.

  • Roane Academy staffer injured in restraint attempt

    A male staff member was injured at Roane Academy on Monday.

    The incident happened around 12:45 p.m.

    According to an E-911 report, the staff member injured his shoulder trying to restrain someone.

    “Looks like his shoulder is out of place,” the report said.

    An ambulance responded and the staffer was taken to Roane Medical Center.

    Roane Academy is at 503 Cardiff Valley Road in the Roane County Industrial Park. The facility houses juveniles for the state.

  • Morgan sex-crime suspect arrested

    A man facing sex crime charges in Morgan County was arrested in Roane County last month.

    Aaron Bruce Reynolds was indicted by the Morgan County grand jury on six felony counts, five for sexual exploitation of a minor and one for aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

  • Nurse says patient’s son fired gun in house

    A home health-care nurse told police that her client’s son fired a gun inside an Oliver Springs residence on Tuesday.

    Billy Lee Edwards Jr. is facing charges in the incident, which happened at 157 Simpson Lane, according to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office report.

    “On scene I made contact with Linda Edwards, who stated that her home-health nurse was there, and her son became angry and threatened to kill the employees at the Clinton office,” the report said.

  • ‘IT’S OVER’

    Roane County Board of Education Member Darrell “Drack” Langley appeared in court Tuesday to settle his DUI case.

    He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of reckless driving.

    “It’s over,” Langley said, when asked if he had any comments about the case.

    Langley was fined $500. He also must attend DUI school, perform 60 hours of community service and have an ignition interlock device installed on his personal vehicle.

    Langley’s attorney, Pat Cooley, worked out the deal with the state.


    Overcrowding problems at the Roane County Jail don’t appear to be getting better.

    “We reached our all time high last week of 275,” Sheriff Jack Stockton said.

    The jail is certified to hold only 170 inmates. With so many people in custody, violence is on the rise, Stockton said.

    “The fights are getting more and more frequent now inside the jail,” he said. “I guess that’s to be expected in confined quarters and too many inmates.”