• Teen with illness is helped by many donations

    The benefit yard sale for Amber Howard, 15, who has a brain-stem tumor, was a great success.
    I would like to thank the citizens of Roane County and Kingston for their help.
    Thanks to Knoxville Coca Cola, Rockwood Walmart, Carmella Catering, McDonald’s of Kingston, and a big thank you to Dotty and Kenny Pickell, Sue Kelly, John King, Kay Thomas and Bud Stout and a special thank you to Martin W. Cash.
    Libby King

  • Teacher gets a two more votes of support

    Just wanted to send a quick note of what a wonderful teacher Debbie Hayes was when we were in her kindergarten class.  
    We still remember her taking Julie’s class to her house for an Easter egg hunt.  
    Mrs. Hayes has always stood out in our memories because she was such a kind and caring teacher and made learning enjoyable.  
    She gave us and many others a good start to education.
    We are not surprised that Mrs. Hayes has taught for 38 years without a blemish in her records.  

  • Here’s an idea for bringing retail to Roane County

    They say shop Roane County.
    Why not have a shopping mall at Airport Road, but better than Turkey Creeki n West Knoxville?
    Build the stores up — not out.
    Put in a parking garage so people shopping can have it easier to shop.
    Make a park, hiking and biking trails.
    Bring it a few miles down so you can see the valley. Maybe add an exit and entrance on I-40 at Black Hollow Road. That’s just my opinion; what’s yours?
    Oma Morton

  • Family Fun Day a success thanks to all of these folks

    Roane County United Way would like to thank everyone who participated in and those who attended our recent Family Fun Day held at Roane State. 
    We had more than 25 agencies on hand to provide information on services that are provided to the Roane County community.
    This event was started three years ago as a means to raise awareness in the community for our nonprofit agencies. 

  • So many gave in effort to help feed hungry among us

    We would like to thank the Harriman Post Office for all the food they provided for our food pantry with their Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.
    We thank all who donated so generously along their routes but also the postal employees for the extra work and time they put into this effort. They did an amazing job in picking up and delivering the food to us. And we are truly grateful, as we know those who benefit from this contribution are.

  • Missed candidate forum, but had work obligations

    I want to apologize for not being able to attend the “Meet the Candidates” at Killefer Park on May 15.
    I unfortunately had obligations at work that I had to attend to.
    I am part of the working class, which I am sure that most of Harriman can relate with. However, just because I had obligations at work, I don’t want the people of Harriman to think that I don’t care.
    I have a plan for Harriman that I want the people of Harriman to be aware of before the main election, which is June 7.

  • She says she has information, but police won’t call

    I know you’ll get to the real story behind the young Beard woman – seven months pregnant and missing for more than 18 years.
    I pretty much know the three parties who did it or had it done.
    Why, with the other information, didn’t someone look into this at the sheriff’s office?
    I called everyone they told me to so I can tell them what I know, and I haven’t heard a thing back from anyone. What do you think?
    M.M. Gorham

  • Smoky’s death may not have been in vain

    We loved a solid gray cat named Smoky. Just a cat, you may say, just another cat. But he became a family member about nine years ago.
    He’d been in a fight for his life. His left eye was swollen with infection. He was a mess and skinny.
    Doug, my husband, took him to the vet and had him fixed up and “fixed.”
    On May 11, Smoky wanted out, and as usual, Doug called out to me, “‘Smokes’ is out.”

  • Easter event a success thanks to these donors

    Harriman Fire Deportment held its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 23.
    More than 300 participants entered this year. This event would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the Harriman firefighters and the many sponsors who make it happen.
    We wish to thank the following sponsors who made this event a big success:

  • Watch what you do with wrecker companies

    I recently had a vehicle accident on Interstate 40 around the area of the Roane County Industrial Park. My car was towed to a local wrecker and used car sales company.
    I asked the tow-truck driver about paying him then. He stated “Don’t worry about it; the insurance company will pay for it.”
     I sent another wrecker service to pick up the car at the request of my car insurance rep to have the car towed to my house.