• Appraisal up, but at least land worth more now

    According to the 2010 tax reappraisal, our 1-acre lakefront lot is valued at $200,000, twice its value five years ago; our house is valued at $100,000 more.
    To understand the method used for evaluating lakefront land, we had a helpful and informative meeting with our tax assessor, Teresa Kirkham.
    Here are some comments that may help others regarding their lakefront reappraisal values.
    She gave us a list of 58 lakefront property sales in 2008 and 2009. One hundred qualified-sale (no duress) properties were used in the appraisals, but usually 200 are used.

  • Was pleasantly surprised by courthouse help

    My husband and I recently went to the Roane County Courthouse with our concerns about our property taxes.
    First we were directed by Officer Stooksbury to the Property Assessor’s Office.
    Ms. Teresa Kirkham was there helping another lady. We waited and when she was finished with her, she asked if she could help us, and we spoke with her about our issue.
    We were pleasantly surprised with how helpful everyone was. Ms. Kirkham informed us of some things we were unaware of.

  • Social programs help her keep the lights on

    Thank God for programs like Mid-East. I used to have to decide betweendoing without electricity or medicine.
    With help from programs like LIHEAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, I don’t have to choose.
    Another program helps me with a voucher for the nutrient drink, Ensure.
    My thanks to Tonya, Kay, Diane and Kay.
    Ruby Davidson

  • School test scores reveal a trend of deceit

    Quite some time ago, on Sept. 21, Tennessean parents and students received the latest TCAP test results.
    Many of our state’s media published local reactions ranging from frustration to outright anger about the often severe drops in the reported student-achievement results.
    So why haven’t Roane County’s citizens heard or read anything about the reactions from our students, parents, teachers and school administrators?

  • Whoops! Man’s property value dropped after all

    In a previous letter, I attempted to alert the public about the possible results of an audit before our Tax Equalization Board.
    Due to the difference in the arrival of the notice of an increase of appraisal, a lag in the printing of my letter, and my learning the total effect of the Board’s decision, a person reading that letter is left with a false impression of the facts.
    As a result, I’m now left with some “crow to eat.”

  • Property values raised after man appeals to board

    In view of the apparent public interest in property appraisals, I thought it prudent to report my experience in this fiasco.

    Like so many others in the county, I had serious doubts about the exorbitant increase in my appraisal.

    As a result, I chose to appeal to the Equalization Board. Twenty-nine days later I received, from the Appraiser’s Office, a second notice of reappraisal, increasing my appraised value by $4,800.

  • Swan Pond will be made right -- when pigs fly!

    I feel a great deal of empathy for the residents of Swan Pond, who had their lives turned upside down from the ash spill.

    The recent letter from a resident, Sarah McCoin, prompted me to write.

    I agree that it would be a dream come true to have TVA return your area to what it once was, or make it even better. But sadly, TVA does not work that way.

    The money that could have been used to help Swan Pond residents is being wasted on projects TVA considers far more important.

  • Humane Society fundraiser had many helpers

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us during the recent Roane County Humane Society spaghetti supper.

    Thanks to you, we raised money to help rescue, foster and care for some of Roane County’s unwanted pets that otherwise would have been euthanized.

  • Owner of puppy killed by dog pack issues plea

    My husband and I have lived in Holiday Shores for more than three years.

    In the last year, we have lost two pets to a pack of vicious, menacing dogs.

    Just days ago, our 9-month-old puppy got out of his kennel. When we discovered he was loose, we immediately went looking for him.

    We found him severely mangled — and still being mauled — by this pack of dogs. They also were mauling another family’s dog.

  • Resident can't understand why lot not cleaned up

    Since last year, I’ve been trying to get property in front of my house cleaned off.

    I went to the city, and they told me to go to the county.

    It took six months to burn down the house completely that caught fire in November 2008.

    It seems that the only time the city or county comes over here is during election time.

    Is it because it’s in a black neighborhood that they don’t seem to want to clear it off?