• Writer supports Rose, emergency staff

    I would like to offer my support for the Roane County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, its leadership as well as its functions.  

    As a retired Air Force colonel who spent 30 years of active duty in the occupational safety and health and environmental protection field, and as a nationally certified industrial hygienist, I feel I can speak on this subject with some expertise.  

  • Wait before you knock Ron Woody

    This is in reference to John Andriulli’s letter regarding Ron Woody being a “bonehead.”

    When salary cuts are made, they are made for a reason.

    My sister fainted in Cracker Barrel recently, and three emergency vehicles came to her rescue: an ambulance, EMTs and a firetruck (where’s the fire?). She was on her feet when they arrived and refused their services.

  • New direction could be a plus for Swan Pond

    There has been much community discussion and quarterbacking regarding the $43 million provided to Roane County by TVA.  

    The amount of the funds offered will be likely remembered as a controversial issue in that these funds may be considered too low of a price tag or, perhaps, even too high, simply depending on one’s perspective.

    At this point, the amount funded to the school system is appreciated as our schools certainly needed improvement.  

  • Woody's act has signs of political payback

    Why would our newly elected county executive choose one of the top emergency management groups in the state as his first target?

    I have no idea of Howie Rose’s political leanings but the whole thing smells of political payback.

    If this sort of nonsense is indicative of Mr. Woody’s management style and ability, the voters of Roane County have made a big mistake.

    If Mr. Woody was not happy with Rose’s performance, why was Rose not told about it and given the opportunity to make changes?

  • Football season good, but band outstanding

    As the parent of a new Roane County High School Band freshman, I am really enjoying the Friday night high school football experience. Although the football team is doing well and a joy to watch, I have been blown away by the high school band. Not only are they large, but the sound coming from these students is unbelievable.

    They are disciplined, well led and confident in their abilities. From their dramatic pre-game entrance to the awesome half-time show, it amazes me that there has not been more of a fuss made over this Roane County jewel.

  • Reappraisals shouldn't be works of fiction

    Many years ago, my wife and I purchased two lots on the lake to build on when we retire.

    We built a new house, doing nearly all the finishing work myself to save money.

    When I saw the recent lot reassessments I almost had a stroke — nearly DOUBLE?

    Worse, my neighbor’s lot, very small but yes, on the lake, went from an appraised value of $175,000 to; get this, $377,000 — for a lot. He’d gladly sell it for that.

  • OK, wiz, open the curtian on appraisal process

    I remain puzzled by my experience with the 2010 property reassessment process.  A native of Roane County, living here 47 of my 52 years, I have supported the county government by paying property taxes for many of those years.

    The January 2010 reassessment increases my property value on five of six parcels from 5-23 percent. This I can comprehend.

    On one parcel, the reassessment increased the property value 152 percent.

    I tried to understand where Roane County came up with the information to substantiate a 152-percent increase.

  • Holliway did fine job on summer elections

    Congratulations to Charles Holiway for a job well done on Election Night.  

    As the administrator of the Roane County Election Commission, Mr. Holiway  reported the votes as precincts information became available.  

    This information was easily assessable on the Roane County Election Commission website.   

    I knew the unofficial results of the local election well before 10 p.m.

    Louise Dice


  • Gentle Reader or syncophant? You decide

    In his column on July 30, Gerald Largen makes the claim that Republicans in Congress are hypocrites for being in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts and not being committed to deficit reduction.
    I’m sure Mr. Largen would agree there are hypocrites aplenty to go around on both sides of the aisle.

  • Thanks for CASA column in Sept. 3 edition

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Terri Likens for her front-page column in the Roane County News on Friday Sept. 3 concerning the fine work that is done by CASA.  
    The timing was serendipitous!  
    The Tennessee Department of Correction is sponsoring a state-wide Victim Impact Awareness Week Sept.  27 -Oct. 2.  
    Each correctional facility has been asked to choose a local charity that works, in some fashion, with victims of crime and to raise money for the organization.