Today's Opinions

  • Aug. 17 Harriman Happenings

    Those who attended womens’ ministry service in Knoxville last Tuesday were Mary Hickey (great soloist), Julia Harris, Ceola Lawrence, Virginia Childress, Marie Frazier, Rosa Osborn, Virginia Hickman, Carolyn Griffin, Carolyn Clemmons, Gloria Ward and Louise Warmley, who gave the memorial.

    The general theme was “Refocusing our missions.”

    The Rev. Margaret Mack presided. Guest speaker was Minister Ruby Winton.

    She gave a great message.

    Henrietta Caldwell is the president. Elder Dr. Joe B. Maddox is moderator.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: McClatchy polls on slavery as Civil War cause

    Regular readers will recall that last month we did a couple of columns devoted to the question of whether the civil war was fought to free the slaves.

    Evidently we were not the only one to be troubled by some of the commentary put forth about this question, inasmuch as the News Sentinel of Sunday, 9 August, on page 6A ran a six column wide article by Samantha Ehlinger of McClatchy Washington Bureau (TNS) with the headline “Did slavery cause Civil War? Many don’t think so.”

  • Will Donald Trump become the next Howard Hughes?

    Finally, someone who uses more hand gestures than Ted Cruz!

    The Donald held sway at the pinnacle as centerpiece of the first real Republican Party presidential debate.

    It was as entertaining as informative. Rand Paul faltered badly as a definite one-note candidate and left no doubt that he is a different kind of Republican and one who has no place at the helm of this great nation.

  • Front-page picture of Confederate flag offends reader

    Your Aug. 5 paper has several articles or items or letters to the editor concerning the flying of the Confederate flag, and what does your paper do?

    It appears you have taken sides by flying the flag, above fold, front page of your paper.

    Was this intended to show where your paper stands?

    Ferrell Winfree


  • Thanks for the ride on a very, hot and miserable day

    I would like to thank Navy veteran Blair Poland for his Southern hospitality on July 30.

    When our car overheated and we were faced with walking 4 miles, he picked us up on Hwy. 27 and gave us a ride. Keep in mind the heart index on this day was 105.

    Once again, thank you for your help and thank you for your service.

    Mr. and Mrs. Weaver


  • Resident says Roane Medical Center is why she’s still here

    On July 16 and 17, I was a patient at Roane Medical Center before being transported to UT Medical Center late in the day on Aug. 17.

    I am convinced that the excellent care I received at Roane Medical Center, as well as their excellent diagnostic tools and consulting cardiologist’s expertise, have made it possible for me to be able to write these words.

    We are very fortunate to have such a medical facility right here in Roane County.

  • Officer Joseph is epitome of ‘protect and serve’ ethic

    On Tuesday, July 21, my son and I were going home when we had a flat tire at the Roane/Morgan county line.

    We pulled over on Coal Hill Road so my son could change the tire.

    A Roane County Sheriff’s deputy pulled in behind us to give us a protection buffer. He then got out of his patrol car and proceeded to not only help change the tire, but when he realized our spare was low, he got an air pump out of his car and aired up the spare.

    He was even thoughtful enough to offer us water in the high heat.

  • Kudos on man’s response to Ol’ Curmudgeon

    I write this in response to the letter published in your paper of July 29 written by Francis K. Koon taking Greald Largen to task over his interpretation of the Civil War.

    Yes! Yes! Amen and amen!

    I would stand and shout this if you had a “video to the editor” option.

    Mr. Koon, I thank you for your statement of facts and your true knowledge of this country’s history and for your willingness to speak.

    Thank you again and again.

    Ferrell Winfree