Today's Opinions

  • From the EDITOR’S Desk: Roane does up Christmas right

    Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to give thanks for what we have.

    All around Roane County during the past few weeks, I saw great examples of people and organizations giving thanks and helping others.

    With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror it’s now time to look toward the Christmas holidays. A lot of events are planned to celebrate the winter holidays, including the Christmas parades in Kingston, Harriman Rockwood and Oliver Springs.

  • GLIMPSES: Glimpses from a lame-duck era

    By Mark Banker

    Since the November election, mixed signals and contradictory messages from our president-elect have bewildered Americans of almost every political persuasion.

    For a few more weeks, we should all take a deep breath and recall that the lame-duck period between election and inauguration days is a longstanding feature of our uniquely American system of government that has often roused anxieties.

  • Dear editor: Keep up the good work

    This message is for Editor Hugh G. Willett. I would like to tell you that I really enjoy your articles.

    There are a few that I keep reflecting on. The article on Jim Henry was a well-deserved article. A hometown boy who really went a long way and made something out of himself. His work for the disabled and the children of this state is remarkable and unimaginable. He was a spokesperson for “All of Tennessee Children.”

  • Time of despair in backdrop of blessed season

    I woke up this morning to read the news of the tragic bus crash in Chattanooga. As a parent to young children, the horror of this accident was something I could barely read.

    Then I read about hospitals being bombed in Aleppo, Syria. One of the hospitals was a children’s hospital. This is just the most recent destruction from this bitter war that continues to rage.

  • Thanks for taking time to vote in Kingston race

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that voted in the recent City Council race. It was a record turnout for a City Council race.

    In saying that, I realize the voters did not turn out for the local race, but for the election that was primarily of national concern.

    In this ballot, the City Council was of secondary importance, but benefitted from the voter turnout.

    I am sure, that the winners for Council seats, Ms. [Tara] Stockton, Ms. [Stephanie] Wright and the returning Mr. [Tony] Brown, are competent individuals.

  • Neighbors of gated areas left out is not acceptable

    I agree with Lesi Clough Gibson’s Nov. 16 letter in being very happy that residents living South of the River will now have access to high-speed internet service. It is progress.

    I also live near several gated communities, from Caney Creek Road to New Hope Road, which leads to Grande Vista Bay. We can get satellite services for internet and TV. The cost is rather outrageous, and the service not so good.

    Internet bogs down ... bad weather knocks out TV, as well as internet.

  • Bravo to Largen for ‘above the noise’ election views

    Being one of many “gentle readers” of Mr. Largens opinion in the Friday, Nov. 18, edition, I would like to applaud his perspective.

    Those who know me know that I am a life-long Republican and a conservative (not necessarily the same thing these days).

    While we often differ, like Mr. Largen, I, too, felt we had two of the poorest candidates in my lifetime. During the primaries, Mr. Trump was not my first choice. However, unlike Mr. Largen, when I walked into that voting booth, I had no problem spinning the wheel down to Donald Trump’s name.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Curmudgeon’s perception of election results

    Gentle reader, the quadrennial presidential election is finally over, and barring some catastrophe, Donald J. Trump will take the oath, and enter upon the office of our president come 20 January, 2017.