Today's Opinions

  • OFF the CUFF: We live amongst girls basketball greatness

    How ’bout them Lady Devils and Lady Waves?!?

    I’ll be the first to admit that sports and me are like oil and water. But girls basketball tournament time is a cause to celebrate.

    What an outstanding season Midway has had. Abby Bertram has no clue who I am, but I’ve been one of her biggest fans from the get-go.

    She and her fellow Lady Waves have a lot to be proud of. They have accomplished so much this season.

  • Time for Kingston to justify ‘good deal’ on slips

    Since an initial flurry, the subject of the city of Kingston’s boat slip project seems to have disappeared from view.

    Could it be that this ill-conceived boondoggle doesn’t stand up very well in the light of day?

    Some citizens may wonder why paying $90,000, including a 50-percent advance payment, for boat slips with little apparent value to their original owner, represents a “good deal.”

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: The Roane County Bar as it was. Part Four

    Gentle reader, after a two week hiatus in which I felt compelled to comment first on Dunderheadedness in Nashville and Washington, D.C., and then upon the loss of three friends in recent months, namely Doug Black, Barbara Hurst Roberts, and Jim Young, I am now ready to resume the story of the status of the Roane County Bar as it was when I joined in March, 1959.

    I have previously written a general introductory piece, followed by two chapters devoted to the Harriman Bar. I now propose to move on to what was at the time the second city in the county, Rockwood.

  • Wonder what Comcast would do if I didn’t pay up?

    After reading the article in Friday’s Roane County News, “Cable giant owes local utility” $400,000, I wonder who else Comcast might owe?

    If I understand this right, the electric customers of Rockwood Electric Utility are footing the bill for Comcast to stay on good poles, whether we have service with Comcast or not.

  • Beware: Don’t let a scam artist take your money

    I have on my mind that other readers, especially elders like myself, that scam artists are out there to get your money!

    I was being scammed on Jan. 27, thinking it was my grandson needing my help.

    I am a disabled person, but I have a helper through the Silver Angels organization. She helped me, with the help of an employee of CVS Pharmacy.

    They helped me realize that what I was about to do was to allow a scam artist to take my money!

    You may edit this letter in any way it needs to warn other people.

    Thank you.

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

    Gentle reader, if you are a long-time reader of this column, you know that I, the old curmudgeon, am a survivor, a carry-over, as it were, of a bygone age, from a bygone culture.

    One might in fact fairly characterize me as a relic with a high degree of accuracy.

    It occurred to me recently that one aspect that may more clearly demonstrate the truthfulness of this analysis than any other is my attitude towards death, and the cultural accompaniments society has from time to time affixed to, and shedded from, this inevitable human experience.

  • To vegan or not to vegan, and giant debt of cable giant

    The author of your letter of Feb. 17 has written a thinly veiled call to a vegan diet.

    Using Lent as a smokescreen, she cleverly insinuates that animal torture is widespread without sinking to use the term “mule skinner.”

    Is it cruel to ride a donkey? Who rode donkeys (asses) in the Bible?

    Today I saw a TV ad from a group wanting to defend such attacks against farmers and farming. I cannot see a stampede — no pun intended — toward a vegan diet or the general use of phony manufactured fake supermarket meats and phony veggies.

  • From the COUNTY: Private-sector investments in community

    We posed the question in the past few articles of “Where Do You Want to Go?”

    We also addressed various government projects at the federal, state and local levels which reflect what the governments are doing that impact our direction.

    This article deals with what we see as the direction the private sector is taking our community.

    Before going into the discussion where the private sector is taking us, let us restate the several available community options.

    • A bedroom community — A community where Roane Countians live but work in another county.