Today's Opinions

  • A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Republicans must choose: Principles or politics?


    We see where state senator Jim Tracy has officially conceded defeat in the recent Republican primary election for the position of Republican nominee for Congress from the Fourth Congressional District of Tennessee.

    Thus, unless further action is taken, Dr. Scott DesJarlais will be the duly designated Republican standard bearer for this highly important federal office. 

  • Writer offers more on global warming, CO2 connection


    I was pleased to read my friend Jim Leitnaker’s comment on climate (letters to the editor, Aug. 29).

    Scientists believe that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide. It seems that 4/100ths of 1 percent is a small amount to cause such a large problem.

  • In God we trust plaques need our financial support


    An appeal has been made, a serious and urgent request.

    As a child of God, I know full well what He has done and is doing for me who had no hope of eternal life. 

    He called me out of the darkness I was in and gave me the understanding that if I would but trust Him, He would save me and keep me in his loving care forever.

  • Thanks to local drug store for visit from the pros

    We’d like to thank Midtown Pharmacy for sponsoring the visits of pro football players Jamal Lewis and Jeremaine Copeland at Roane County High School.

    Carolyn and Mel Clemmons


  • Buy a book, learn some history, help a kid go to college

    I want to thank you for the publicity you gave me on the signing of my new book, The sale was very successful, but I still have some books to sell.

    Thanks also to Sherry Hill and her staff at Live and Let Live Drug Store for their help that day this summer.

    All the profit from the book, “80-Plus Years of Greif: My In-Laws, the Bernards of Rockwood,” goes to the Roane State Community College Bernard-Greif scholarship fund, which is now in its 41st year.

  • What happens when a big cat escapes?

    You may think it is a joke, but I assure you it is not.

    This comes directly from the “Tiger Haven Inc. Escape Procedure” and the Roane County Safety Plan for dealing with an escape of big cats from the Tiger Haven facility in the rural residential area of east Roane County.

    First, according to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the cages at Tiger Haven are the only recognized containment of the cats.

    The perimeter fence around the facility is designed to keep the public out — not to keep big cats in.

  • These people help with suicide phone line/chats

    Many articles in recent weeks have reflected on the suicide of Robin Williams and providing suicide help.

    For more than 40 years, right here in our community, CONTACT Care Line has provided a listening ear to those who are lonely, in crisis, having a bad day or just need someone to talk to. It serves the 865 area code and beyond, is a local nonprofit staffed by trained volunteers who are available to listen seven days a week, 365 days a year, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    The number to call to reach a listening ear is 865-584-4424. All calls are confidential.

  • Rockwood officials not asked to be part of wine effort

    I just wanted to take a moment to ask you to clarify something on behalf of the city of Rockwood.

    After the article came out concerning the Walmart petition on wine in grocery stores, I received some calls about whether or not the city of Rockwood officials did their part to help get the signatures.

    The final statement of the newspaper article makes it sound like the cities of Harriman and Kingston worked on their petitions for about month and that the city of Rockwood did not.