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  • A View from Lick Skillet: We must not remain ignorant on Islam

    Gentle reader, there is much talk nowadays about the subject matter and the quality of our educational system.
    This talk, and more, is fully warranted by the present state of knowledge among the general population, but unfortunately this has become bogged down in a right-wing ideological morass, with the only real action being taken consisting of attacking the teachers’ unions.
    This will produce nothing other than increased rancor and ill will, leaving the coming generation to be even less well educated than their elders.

  • He has a proposal for those who are poor, overweight

    I was surprised to hear the mayor of New York propose limiting the amount of soft drinks a food stamp recipient could buy with food stamps. This is something that has bothered me for years.
    I do quite a bit of the shopping in my family and being a nosey person, I have a habit of watching and listening to other people. Sometimes it irritates my wife when I can hear a conversation at the table next to us, but I can’t keep up with what’s happening at my own.

  • Energy policies need serious updating

    I like Gerald Largen’s column, but his constant Republican bashing is getting a little old.
    Democrats aren’t any better.
    Both parties seem to do nothing but argue and get little done. The last-minute midnight-hour budget passing that has become so common is a perfect example.
    Mr. Largen’s contention that the national debt is no big problem is, I think, very wrong. It’s the interest on the national debt that has to be paid.

  • Budget time needs full attention

    Now is the time county and city governments are cobbling together their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.
    This difficult work is taking place in difficult economic times.
    Grants are harder to come by, state and federal funding is being cut back, and yet, state and federal governments continue to add more requirements for local governments to live up to.
    Local governments also have to deal with the unrealistic expectations by some residents to have Cadillac services at a Kia price tag.

  • Impressions by Johnny Teglas: Moon walks to pro wrestling, what’s really real?

    God rest her soul, my wife’s grandmother, has long departed this world.
    But we still lovingly remember her quite often when something strikes our funny bones.
    Stella Trusley had interesting viewpoints on the world around her.
    She used to tell Junior he needed to clean up and go out and get a job.
    Junior was my father-in-law. He was a retired educator and her primary caregiver during her later years.
    I vividly recall him cooking a full breakfast for her when I’d drop Jon Clark off at his house.

  • Congregation at KUMC is what makes the church

    Black smoke pouring from the back of the roof lines; fire trucks from many places; lights flashing, blinking red; police cars strobing blue.
    Elizabeth, Pastor John Anderson’s daughter, bringing a box of tissues all around, smiling encouragingly.
    Congregation members gathered in tears, heartache with helplessness, and with words of love and support in the smoky, twilight air.
    These are my thoughts and impressions of the evening of Saturday, April 30, when Kingston United Methodist Church caught fire.

  • Wandering dog is safe thanks to people who cared

    Just before 3 p.m. last Friday, I was waiting for my niece to deliver an early supper from Cracker Barrel to my curb at 629 Unaka St.
    My 12-year-old Boston terrier, Blackjack, was with me as usual. He decided to go to the lot across the street.
    He does this very often, but he then decided to go on down to the house on the alley — all the time I am calling him and even went across the street to call him back, but to no avail.
    He went across Tennessee Street at the alley, and I felt he would stay there until my niece arrived, which she did very shortly.

  • Atheists, the First Amendment and equal treatment

    First Amendment Center
    In case you missed it, on May 5, the president of the United States called the nation to prayer — just as past presidents have done on the first Thursday of every May since 1952.
    Mandated by Congress, the National Day of Prayer was marked this year by events around the country, many of which were organized by the National Day of Prayer Task Force, an evangelical Christian group that maintains the self-described “official site” on the Web for celebrating the day.