Today's Opinions

  • Teacher gets a two more votes of support

    Just wanted to send a quick note of what a wonderful teacher Debbie Hayes was when we were in her kindergarten class.  
    We still remember her taking Julie’s class to her house for an Easter egg hunt.  
    Mrs. Hayes has always stood out in our memories because she was such a kind and caring teacher and made learning enjoyable.  
    She gave us and many others a good start to education.
    We are not surprised that Mrs. Hayes has taught for 38 years without a blemish in her records.  

  • Here’s an idea for bringing retail to Roane County

    They say shop Roane County.
    Why not have a shopping mall at Airport Road, but better than Turkey Creeki n West Knoxville?
    Build the stores up — not out.
    Put in a parking garage so people shopping can have it easier to shop.
    Make a park, hiking and biking trails.
    Bring it a few miles down so you can see the valley. Maybe add an exit and entrance on I-40 at Black Hollow Road. That’s just my opinion; what’s yours?
    Oma Morton

  • Stout stuck to her guns, cared about her town


  • Is our country truly broke? Not hardly!

    Gentle reader, how many of the right-wing radicals have you heard over the last several months make the claim that the country is broke? We know that you are too bright to fall for such malarky, but in order that you can refute this claim if you are confronted by one of these know-nothings, consider this:
    Let us say that you’ve got $1 million, but because of current low interest rates your yearly income is less than $30,000?
    You’ve got an income problem, but you certainly are not broke.
    Neither is USA.

  • No recording policy baffling twist for public

    First Amendment Center
    More than 220 years ago, the nation’s founders — after gathering in Philadelphia to create the Declaration of Independence — risked life, liberty and property in fighting to create a new nation.
    Admittedly, they never had to overcome the fear of being seen on Facebook.
    Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., has banned most video and audio recording devices from his town-hall meetings.

  • IMPRESSIONS by Johnny Teglas: You want reality? It’s closer than Hollywood

    We need to stop and take a deep breath.
    So much has happened over the past two weeks.
    Not being much of a network TV watcher, I only caught snippets of chatter here at the office and around town late last week.
    Apparently many of my colleagues and friends enjoy spending their evenings with reality TV.
    I heard one friend practically swoon when she mentioned that Hines Ward won the top prize on “Dancing with the Stars.” It was news to me.
    Ward is a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers in my mind.

  • Family Fun Day a success thanks to all of these folks

    Roane County United Way would like to thank everyone who participated in and those who attended our recent Family Fun Day held at Roane State. 
    We had more than 25 agencies on hand to provide information on services that are provided to the Roane County community.
    This event was started three years ago as a means to raise awareness in the community for our nonprofit agencies. 

  • So many gave in effort to help feed hungry among us

    We would like to thank the Harriman Post Office for all the food they provided for our food pantry with their Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.
    We thank all who donated so generously along their routes but also the postal employees for the extra work and time they put into this effort. They did an amazing job in picking up and delivering the food to us. And we are truly grateful, as we know those who benefit from this contribution are.