Today's Opinions

  • LOOSELEAF LAUREATE: And now you know

    I’m celebrating an important one-year anniversary on Oct. 26. And in a way, many of you regular readers have been a part of it.
    I’ve lost more than 140 pounds since my highest post-thyroid cancer weight, when steroids and other complications left me swollen, stiff-jointed and moon-faced.
    I told you of my cancer then, almost three years ago, because it felt important for me to do so. Cancer is so often whispered about, but by openly talking about it, I felt I was confronting an enemy head on.

  • Nice to be a part of Chilean miner rescue effort

    Many of us talk about being proud to be Americans.
    I hope most of us felt that way for our role in helping the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for months, get back to their loved ones.
    In a real-life story of nearly epic proportions, the miners were trapped for 69 days in the copper and gold mine near Santiago.
    Americans were a big part of that rescue through NASA.

  • IMPRESSIONS: Do you feel a sudden urge to scratch?

    I recall a little rhyme my sister and I would exchange after our parents banished us from the living room at bedtime.
    She taught it to me when we were Air Force brats sharing twin beds in the same room at various bases across the globe.
    When we finally settled into a house Daddy built in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia, we continued the nightly passage before saying our prayers from separate rooms.

  • A little more communication would be great

    We have been in Roane County a little less than a year and have already had the unfortunate misfortune of having to use the medical services here.
    I have found all of the physicians to be very attentive, concerned, professional and more than competent.
    The problem comes in getting to see them. My family has three primary care doctors, two in the same practice and one in a completely different office. 
    I think the staff in both offices trained together because the attitude is the same — indifference.

  • Humane Society event will have you howling

    The Roane County Animal Shelter and Humane Society of Roane County Rescue Team are hosting a Hoot-n-Howl Festival Fundraiser at the Kingston City Park, Oct. 23, 1-6 p.m.
    There will be fun for all. For $5 you can get an Indian taco or hot dog and chili, drink and dessert included. 
    For an entry fee of $2 you can enter the pet costume contest or the pet/owner look-alike contest.
    Lots of pumpkins will be available for painting, and there will be a silent auction, raffle and helium balloons. 

  • Sophomoric speech is free speech, too

    Some school memories are more golden than others.
    While we’ve all benefited from the good teachers and school administrators in our lives, it’s hard to shake the memories of those who either didn’t teach us very well or treated us badly.
    Students in the pre-digital era pretty much just had to grin and bear it. We would grumble to our friends or complain to our parents, but we weren’t going to get an audience with the school board.

  • A view from Lick Skillet by Gerald Largen

    Two of the Nobel prizes awarded over the past few days struck us as noteworthy in respect to the USA.
    The first is that awarded last Monday to three economists, including Professor Peter Diamond, of MIT.
    What makes his winning particularly interesting is the fact that President Obama nominated him some months ago to a vacancy on the Federal Reserve Board.
    However, one of the Republicans’ leading intellectual pygmies in the Senate, Alabama’s Richard Shelby, put a hold on his nomination so that it could not even be considered for confirmation.

  • Civic-minded young volunteers key at events

    I would like to thank two special groups of young people who were a big help at our Kingston Country Fair.
    The Roane State Community College girls softball team, the Lady Raiders, stepped up to the plate and ran and oversaw the children’s activities.
    They also purchased supplies to offer face painting for the children.