Today's Opinions

  • Booster clubs also help buy sports gear

    I would like to take this time to address a letter to the editor penned by Sam Doughty that appeared in the Sept. 1 edition of the Roane County News.  
    First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Doughty for his support of not only the Rockwood Band program, but also for his well wishes to the other band booster groups of the county.
    There are a couple of points in his letter to which that I would like to add some clarity.  
    First of all, there is the misconception by many that athletics are supported solely by the school system.

  • New county executive's first act boneheaded

    With his first decision, we have learned about the new County Executive Ron Woody’s management style: “The whippings will continue until morale improves.”
    Mr. Woody announced that he would reduce the pay of Roane County’s director and assistant director of one of the best, if not the best, emergency management organizations in Tennessee.

  • IMPRESSIONS: Have an idea for our website? Please share

    We’ve been kicking the tires on our new Internet platform over the past couple of weeks.

    And thanks to loyal readers like you, we’re already finding ways to improve it.

    If you haven’t had a chance to knock around the site, go to www.roanecounty.com at your earliest convenience.

    We believe you will like what you see.

    Previously we loaded only select news and sports stories along with our obituaries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    We would occasionally also scoop our print edition with breaking news and photos.

  • Emergency teams made all the difference

    One morning recently, my wife awoke, and she was unable to speak, or use her arms and legs.
    A call for an ambulance was placed. It seemed that almost immediately, Kingston city police and Kingston Fire Department vehicles pulled into our driveway. They came to our door and were invited in. They were briefly told of my wife’s problems.
    They checked her and in a very kind and professional manner, started preparing her to be removed from her home to a hospital.

  • No free lunch this letter writer tells us

    Greetings from Lick Skillet.
    Mr. Bob Rehburg, sir, I beg your pardon regarding your letter in last Friday’s Roane Couny News.
    Columnist Gerald Largen is absolutely correct: The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy need to be ended.
    The Haslams of the world need to pay higher taxes.
    All the Haslams with their $4 billion in wealth need to pay up.
    The taxes they pay will not cut jobs, and other business people will not cut jobs, either.
    The jobs have built their fortunes.

  • A View From Lick Skillet by Gerald Largen

    By one of those curious coincidences that sometimes somewhat eerily occur, last Friday’s News had our column titled “Are we confronting a new age of ignorance,” while on the same page, in the “Our Readers Write” section, appeared a letter which just dovetailed with our thesis concerning the current plethora of ignorance in the populace at large, and in some elements who claim to know better.

  • LOOSELEAF LAUREATE: Imagine being a child with no solid footing

    I once worked at a Midwest newspaper with a young woman named Betsy. She was gentle and exceptionally shy for a reporter.
    After I had gotten to know her better, she told me she had grown up in the foster system. Suddenly I understood her unsureness and mannerisms — the way she protectively held her hand in front of her mouth when she spoke.
    We never talked in detail about her life in foster care, but I feel sure some of her experiences were not good ones.

  • IMPRESSIONS: Rebel Johnny's biker days have long roared past

    Harold Ray Lester, 74, died Friday at his home in Seymour.
    It’s been something in the neighborhood of five or six years since I last visited with him while we were standing in a grocery store checkout line.
    I’m going to miss him.
    Apparently, so are many of our friends here in Roane County.
    You see, across his three score and 14, in one way or another he touched several of our lives.
    If you caught one of my recent blogs on roanecounty.com, you’re well aware of the “six degrees of separation” concept.