Today's Opinions

  • Well-placed angels gave help in hour of need

    One of the lyrics in a song by the group Alabama is written with the following words: “They come to us in the darkest hour.”

    Recently, while serving as a physical education assistant to Ryan Townsend at Ridge View Elementary, I suddenly became disoriented and slowly wandered over to a chair.

  • GLIMPSES: From happy days to ‘Bitter 2016’?


    Like many successful candidates, Donald Trump provoked and benefitted from a dramatic shift in our national mood.

    More than his opponents and most pundits, he grasped that the anger and bitterness of 2016 emerged when disturbing recent developments collided with idyllic recollections of a not-too-distant past.

  • Chili supper boost big support for anti-drug group

    The Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition was honored to be chosen by state Sen. Ken Yager as the charity of choice for his 23rd annual chili supper.

    Our coalition was overwhelmed by the number of businesses and community members who donated items to be sold in the silent auction.

    In addition to the wonderful volunteers who made the event possible, the Coalition would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their donations:

  • GLIMPSES: Legacies among the L’s of history


    Sometime in my 40 years as a teacher-historian, I envisioned “the five L’s” to help my students grasp and remember these insights.

    Land — lots of it, and a vast treasure trove of resources — assured our nation’s material successes and its many spinoffs.

    Location. Until recently, two wide oceans and unthreatening neighbors saved most Americans from the physical and emotional scars of invasion.

  • From the EDITOR’S Desk: Gatlinburg fire sparks memory of another

    Watching the reports of the fires in Gatlinburg earlier this week reminded me of a devastating wildfire I witnessed 25 years ago.

    Wildfires were not uncommon in California when I lived there in the 1980s and 1990s. It is a big state and the fires always seemed to be happening someplace else. It never really occurred to me that such devastation could ever touch my life.

  • Ridge View goes all to welcome Roane veterans

    Harriman Care and Rehabilitation residents were invited to Ridge View Elementary for Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11.

    I want to sincerely let the people of Roane County know our experience on that special day to thank our servicemen and women.

    When our residents arrived the staff met us at our facility van to see if we needed help.

    As we walked to the entry door the children thanked our servicemen and women.

  • Veterans Service Office here to help

    At the Veterans Service Office our purpose is to provide eligible veterans and their families with financial assistance. This includes tax-free income for eligible veterans, their widows and/or family members.

    Two different types of financial assistance are available. Eligible Veterans injured on active duty are potentially eligible for disability income or for those that are within a low income situation and served during a declared war period are potentially eligible for pension income.

  • From the EDITOR’S Desk: Roane does up Christmas right

    Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to give thanks for what we have.

    All around Roane County during the past few weeks, I saw great examples of people and organizations giving thanks and helping others.

    With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror it’s now time to look toward the Christmas holidays. A lot of events are planned to celebrate the winter holidays, including the Christmas parades in Kingston, Harriman Rockwood and Oliver Springs.