en GUEST OPINION: More on media and government secrets <p> <em>By Gene Policinski, First Amendment Center</em><br /> Will the government ever do it &mdash; charge a reporter under the Espionage Act with endangering national security for disclosing classified information?<br /> <br /> No journalist ever has been prosecuted for receiving and writing about such leaked information. Two recent controversies raised questions of how far the Department of Justice officials might go in investigations of such &ldquo;leaks.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> But President Obama clearly stepped back from taking the issue to any constitutional cliff.<br /> LETTER: Bigots wrongly think they can speak for us <p> No, racism isn&rsquo;t dead. It isn&rsquo;t even sleeping. It is hiding behind closed&nbsp;&nbsp; doors of houses built with cow&rsquo;s dung.&nbsp; It is just as strong and ugly, and it raises its head to announce things, opinions and people it will not tolerate.<br /> <br /> What arrogance to make personal decisions for someone else because their own fragile senses are offended.<br /> <br /> A cereal company had the audacity to include a mixed-race couple with a child in their commercial.<br /> <br /> The cow&rsquo;s dung house exploded with anger and indignation.<br /> LETTER: School-shooting security increase is unnecessary <p> Should we raise taxes and spend huge amounts of money on beefed up security in our schools &mdash; NO!<br /> <br /> Here&rsquo;s why:<br /> <br /> Since 2000 the United States has averaged 2.46 school shootings per year, including shootings where no one, including students, were injured or only the shooter died (suicide).<br /> <br /> The chances of any particular K-12 school in the United States experiencing a shooting incident in any given year is approximately 1 in 53,925.<br /> <br /> Congressional investigations must be done right <img src="" alt="Lee H. Hamilton" title="Lee H. Hamilton" align="left" hspace="6" width="57" height="85" /><p> <em>By Lee H. Hamilton, Center on Congress</em><br /> By my count, 11 separate Washington investigations are looking into the three big issues besetting the Obama Administration right now: Benghazi, IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, and the Justice Department&rsquo;s pursuit of national security leaks to Associated Press reporters.<br /> <br /> That&rsquo;s a lot of scrutinizing by any measure.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;Don&rsquo;t get me wrong.<br /> <br /> Community there for family after tragic accident <p> On May 30, 2014, our lives were changed beyond our wildest imagination. Our precious daughter, Jadah, and our &ldquo;other&rdquo; son, Rod, lost their lives in the train wreck while our son, Darius, and one of his best friends, Hunter, were clinging to life.</p> <p> The days that followed were filled with hopefulness, sadness, and faithfulness. Some bonds were formed with friends who we had lost contact with, some bonds were strengthened with family and friends who wanted the Crass and Gallaher families to know they were there for us during this uncertain time.</p> Bolling, Lewis helped bring a dark corner to light <p> On behalf of the residents of the city of Kingston and all early-morning and late-night travelers on West Race Street, I would like to thank City Manager David Bolling and particularly his assistant, Joyce Lewis. Because of them, a much-needed streetlight was installed on the southwest corner of Race and Kentucky streets next to Rite Aid.</p> <p> That corner, which was once dark and dangerous, is now well lighted and much safer for those who travel through there.</p> <p> It&#39;s nice to have government personnel who receive a request from concerned citizens and act on it.</p> A VIEW from LICK SKILLET: Amidst election shambles — signs of hope? <p> Well, kind hearts, another election has come and gone, but as they say, the aroma lingers on.</p> <p> In much of the state the principal thrust of the election was in the Republican side of the general election ticket as well as in the state and federal Republican Primary elections.</p> Maybe owner of puppy in hot car should feel heat <p> It saddened me to read the letter about the puppy being closed up in a hot car with no water.</p> <p> There are so many sick and cruel people in this world who should not own an animal.</p> <p> They should know better than to let an animal &mdash; a puppy at that &mdash; stay in a closed-up car.</p> <p> Not bothering to care is just as bad as a driver who does not pay attention on the road and causes a terrible accident.</p> <p> This woman should not be allowed to own an animal if this is how she treats them.</p>