DAVID W. DOONAN/Roane Newspapers
Law enforcement arrest Billy Ray Jenkins at his home in Rockwood. On Thursday morning, officers from the Rockwood Police Department, Roane County Sheriffs Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation set out to apprehend 33 persons indicted recently by the grand jury. They were able to apprehend 23 of them at press time.
Drug roundup nets 30-plus arrests

A dozen people were arrested Thursday during a drug round-up operation that targeted methamphetamine dealers, a number of which were in the Rockwood area.

“It’s essentially a year-long, probably even longer than a year at this point, operation using undercover confidential informants, confidential sources, to target known drug traffickers, drug dealers in Rockwood city and the Rockwood area that are bringing drugs into the community,” District Attorney General Russell Johnson said.