Bobcats well-represented on all-district team

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By Goose Lindsay

The coaches in District 4-A recently chose the 2010 all-district team and Oliver Springs was well-represented as 12 Bobcats received superlative awards or were named to the unit’s first or second team.

A trio of Bobcats, Garrett Miller, Seth Morgan and Jordan Romero, came away with the biggest awards as all received superlative awards.

Miller was named the 2010 Offensive Back of the Year after throwing and rushing for more than 1,000 yards each this season. Romero was named the 2010 Athlete of the Year after rushing for more than 1,000 yards. Morgan was named the 2010 Linebacker of the Year.

Besides the trio of superlative winners, Oliver Springs had five players named first team all-district. The Bobcats’ first team selections were Austin Woodall, Michael Aliff, Ray Efferson, Cory McBee and Haven Williams. 

Four more Bobcats were named to the second team. They were Joey Vinson, Austin West, Michael Nelson and John Simms. 

District champion Coalfield walked away with the most awards, including the two biggest, as Yellow Jacket head coach Keith Henry was named the 2010 District 4-A Coach of the Year while Anthony Wilkins was named the 2010 District 4-A Most Valuable Player.

Coalfield’s Forrest Adkisson was named the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year.

Coalfield had nine more players named first team all-district and six players named to the second team.

Luke Jackson, Tyler Walls, Cody Hill, Allen Seiber, Logan Simms, Shane Ashley, Dylan Vann, Michael Clore and Zach Stewart were the first team selections while Seth Francis, Benson Napier, Brady Walls, Adam Layne, Caanan Brock and Zach Moore were named to the second team.

Wartburg finished second in District 4-A this year and the Bulldogs were rewarded with two superlative award winners along with 11 players making first or second team.

Wartburg’s Austin Hensley was named 2010 Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year while Adam Spence was named the 2010 Receiver of the Year.

Rusty Phillips, Jaylon Shannon, Aaron Hutchison, Derek Harlan, Zeke Goodman, Monte Branstetter, Alex Lane and Benjamin Poole were Wartburg’s first team selections while Dustin Heidel, Wes Mehlhorn and Darren Beatty made the second team.

Sunbright was next in line with three superlative winners.

Tiger QB Jessie England was named 2010 Offensive Player of the Year, Austin Webb was named 2010 Defensive Lineman of the Year, and Derek Miller was named the 2010 Offensive Special Teams Player of the Year.

Eleven more players from Sunbright made first or second team. Andrew Henes, David Henes, Timmy Turner, Billy Hunter, Isaac Huling, Jacob Freels and Shawn Wilson were first team selections while L.C. Satterfield, Lucas Brock, Dustin Hicks and Sean Boling made the second team.

Oneida also had two superlative awards winners as Sam Woodard was named 2010 Defensive Back of the Year while Cody Stephens was named 2010 Defensive Special Teams Player of the Year. 

Dalton Walden, Michael Webber, Brandon Smith, Cole West, Houston West and Trevor Allen represent the Indians on the all-district first team while Houston Byrd, Jarrett Lay, Noah Duncan and Adam Young made the second team.

The remaining superlative award went to Oakdale’s Storm Johnson as he was named the 2010 Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year.

The Eagles had Nick Howard, Jaron Morrow and Ryan Powers selected to the first team while Andrew Reynolds, Brandon Mathis, Jacob Armes, C.J. Mathis made it to the second team.

Six players from Jellico round out the team. 

Nathan Overton, Tyler Brummett, Devin Oakes and Ryan Irwin were Jellico’s first team selections while Austin Bowling and Daniel Steakley made the second team.

 District 4-A also has a Senior Academic Achievement Team, which is for players with a 3.0 or higher grade point average. Those players include Shawn Mayo (Oakdale, 4.0 GPA), Dustin Heidel (Wartburg, 4.0 GPA), Tyler Huffine (Oliver Springs, 3.88 GPA), Lucas Brock (Sunbright, 3.83 GPA), Tyler Bowling (Oakdale, 3.8 GPA), Blake Redmon (Oakdale, 3.8 GPA), Marcus Burchfield (Oneida, 3.75 GPA), Austin Ruppe (Oakdale, 3.6 GPA), Isaac Huling (Sunbright, 3.6 GPA), Andrew Henes (Sunbright, 3.58 GPA), Zeke Goodman (Wartburg, 3.58 GPA), Monte Branstetter (Wartburg, 3.54 GPA), Adam Layne (Coalfield, 3.48 GPA), Cody Pike (Oneida, 3.47 GPA), Cody Stephens (Oneida, 3.47 GPA), Luke Jackson (Coalfield, 3.42 GPA), Michael Lloyd (3.38 GPA), Rusty Phillips (Wartburg, 3.3 GPA), Daniel Underwood (Oakdale, 3.1 GPA), Chad Wagner (Wartburg, 3.06 GPA), Aaron Hutchison (Wartburg, 3.04 GPA).