Chemical byproduct again in Roane Central water

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By Cindy Simpson

Roane Central Utility District recently notified its customers about a violation of the federal drinking water standard for total trihalomethanes during testing in May 2017.

The total trihalomethanes was calculated at .081 mg/L, exceeding the maximum contaminant level of .080 mg/L set for this parameter. In a letter to customers, the utility explains this is the equivalent of one millionth of a gram.

“It (the testing site where the violation occurred) is the very end of our line. It is the farthest part from the Rockwood treatment plant,” said manager Bob Creswell.

The line ends on a dead-end road with only one house.

“What it is doing is sitting in there lying stagnant,” said Creswell.

Trihalomethanes are a by-product of disinfecting drinking water.

Samples taken from other locations in the system were found to be within the prescribed range. Creswell feels the fact the water lies stagnant at the end of this line is a contributing factor.

This is the second violation of this nature for the testing site in the last few months. Creswell said they contacted a representative from the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts who recommended a device to remedy the problem.

“It is something that will flush water out of that line at night,” said Creswell.