Clean It Up Efforts by Women in Tennessee

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I fully support the Clean-It-Up efforts by the Women of Tennessee. Please read the following:

Reproductive choices are a delicate subject, to most Americans. Their opinions are shaped by the Medical community, the Legal community, the Clergy, Politicians, and others. I'd like to zero in on the medical community. A lot of us old geezers, remember when the book Little Black Sambo was banned in this country because it offended some Americans along racial lines. And they felt it was a racial slur.

That's the way I feel about the medical community's delivering information to the American public. I think the medical term Abortion should turn into the phase "reproductive choice" or words to that effect. I believe that before the medical community releases information, that it must consider the emotional welfare of the woman involved. To further that I don't believe any woman would consent to the release of any information contained in her medical records in that regard to anyone. And that must be considered heavily by the medical community when it delivers it's renderings to the public.

Most of the information out there portrays reproductive choices as murder, morally wrong, and that the women who make those choices, do that because she is too stupid, too lazy, too ignorant, and sorely lacking in self esteem - self worth, to take the most basic steps to avoid pregnancy.

I believe it's time the women that made reproductive choices, stand up and file with their respective Civil Rights office, and seek relief.

I hope the outcome will be that the medical community is restricted in how it presents information to the public.

I know that the American public is entitled to form an opinion, and certainly with medical information, but the content of it's delivery should be temperate, and considerate to women that have made reproductive choices.

Calma L. Miller

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