Computerized drawing to be held for selected waterfowl sites

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The application period will be Wednesday, Sept. 8 through midnight (CDT) on Wednesday, Oct. 13 for the computerized hunt drawing system to be used for 2010-11 waterfowl blind sites on Bogota, the new Thorny Cypress Wildlife Management Area in Dyer County (Region I) and four units of the Region III Chickamauga WMA (Candies Creek, Johnson Bottoms, Rogers Creek, and Yellow Creek). 

The application form, similar to WMA quota hunts, etc., is available online at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s website and in printed format.  All participating WMAs are on the one application with a total of 41 blind sites. The applicant will have 12 choices.  Applicants may not use the same hunt code more than once.  An applicant can only apply once per year for these areas.

• Priority Drawing System: TWRA’s Priority Drawing System gives priority points to hunters based on the number of years they have participated without being drawn for a hunt.  All applications will be drawn with zero priority points this year.  Drawn applicants will remain at zero and unsuccessful applicants will receive one priority point for next year’s drawing.

• Drawing Procedures: An applicant is randomly selected by the computer. The hunt choices are reviewed in the order they are listed on the application until a choice with a vacancy remaining is found or the application runs out of choices.

• Successful applicants must possess all appropriate licenses, permits and a confirmation number issued by TWRA to hunt. Hunting guests must also possess all appropriate licenses and permits.

• Reservations are nontransferable.  Any person violating this rule and regulation is subject to having his/her reservation and/or hunting privileges revoked and may be subject to prosecution.

• The successful applicant can bring three additional hunters (guests) of his choice, each day of the hunt.  The number of hunters in a blind may not exceed four, one of which must be the successful applicant.

• TWRA will send a packet of information to the successful applicant, which will include detail maps and GPS coordinates, rules and regulations for the hunt, and a notice of intention post card.

 • The notice of intention may be completed by return mail, phone or e-mail request. Reply must be received two weeks prior to the first day of the permitees’ hunt.

• Hunts which are not reserved with the notice of intention card will be considered vacant.  The WMA staff will notify the general public of the vacant sites using the TWRA website, WMA answer machine, or e-mail request.

 • A local hand-held drawing will occur for vacant sites to be filled at the management areas.

• For Bogota and the Thorny Cypress WMA, the hand held drawing will be each Monday at 6 p.m. before the hunt on Friday at the new TWRA Dyersburg Workbase. The location is 355 Menzies Road, Dyersburg, TN 38024. Contacts are the TWRA Region I Office (1-800-372-3928 or 731-423-5725) or Carl Wirwa (731-696-3197).

• For the Candies Creek, Rogers Creek, Yellow Creek and Johnson Bottoms units of Chickamauga hand held drawings for vacant blinds will be held at 6 p.m. EST at Hiwassee Refuge Checking Station for the 2010 Waterfowl Season on Nov. 22, 29, Dec 13, 27 and Jan. 10, 2011. 

 Information concerning availability of vacant blinds can be obtained through the TWRA website (www.tnwildlife.org), by contacting the Region III Office (1-800-262-6704) or contacting the appropriate WMA manager. Rob Klippel (423-334-4788) can be reached for vacancies on the Yellow Creek unit and Jason Jackson (423-614-3018) for all other Chickamauga Creek units.