Different dial-up at new hospital

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Phone numbers part of Covenant system

Effective Feb. 17, Roane Medical Center’s phone numbers will change as part of the move to the new medical center campus in Midtown.

The new numbers will be part of the dial scheme for the Covenant Health system, of which Roane Medical Center is a member.

The Covenant Health five-digit dial plan is implemented across the system.

This feature helps to decrease long-distance costs system-wide and allows facilities the ability to five-digit dial each other.

The conversion also will allow Roane Medical Center to consolidate its numbers under one prefix, which over the long term, will be easier for patients and callers to remember.

Updated advertising in the Roane County AT&T and Anderson-Roane County Yellow Pages will appear when those new books publish.

To help with the transition, new numbers will be available online at www.roanemedical.com this month.