'Dub' sets good example for officials, us

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After decades serving the public as a county commissioner, James “Dub” Harmon is no longer an elected official.
Instead of tucking tail over his recent election loss, Harmon is, instead, stepping up.
“That stage of my life is probably through,” the 83-year-old said recently in a Roane County News interview about his failure to get re-elected. “But there are many things for Roane County I can work for.”
Harmon has not been afraid to champion what, to some, have been unpopular causes.
Those include consolidating at least some elements of city and county government and consolidating at least some of Roane County’s five high schools, which are undoubtedly an expensive tax burden for a county Roane’s size.
We like Harmon’s willingness to step away from the pack and to speak his mind in a nonconfrontational way.
Even more so, we appreciate that he intends to keep participating in public issues, even as a regular citizen.
We should all be so willing.