Formal or not, local Tea Party opposes senator

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I don’t know what formal list of Tea Parties was being referred to in Friday’s “Our Opinion” column, but to set the record straight, Roane County Tea Party is very supportive of the effort to retire U.S.  Sen. Lamar Alexander.

Our founders envisioned citizen legislators who would serve their terms and then return to private life, not a permanent ruling class of professional politicians who ignore the Constitutional limits of their enumerated powers and write laws that infringe upon our liberties and grant power to them.

Sen. Alexander epitomizes what is wrong with Washington, D.C.  
In public office for decades,  he’s one of the insiders who makes grand promises to stand up for the people when he’s in front of the cameras and then makes deals behind the scenes (which they prefer to call “reaching across the aisle”) to grow government at our expense.  

Compromise sounds nice until you realize that the compromises only go one way, the rulers get more power and the people have less freedom.  

In 2012, Sen. Alexander voted with President Obama 62 percent of the time.  He voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.  He supports amnesty for 30 million illegal immigrants.  He supports global warming legislation that will impact our utility bills. He supports the internet sales tax.  

He voted to kill the National Right to Work Amendment. He voted for Cash for Clunkers, and the list goes on and on. (See Red State for the entire shameful record.)

So far this “working together” has cost our children, grandchildren and generations yet to be born $16 trillion plus interest.  
Tennessee Tea Party members think that is enough.  

When Tennessee voters rose up in 2010 and put Republicans in control of the state government for the first time since reconstruction, it was not an endorsement of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” politics as usual.

Sen. Alexander had his chance, and his record offers ample evidence that he is part of the problem when Tennessee needs representatives who will be part of the solution.   

It’s time to stop trying to forge bonds of trust with our opponents and start fighting to defeat them, before all of our freedoms are gone.

Linda Wimberley, secretary, Roane County Tea Party