A fresher, more natural look coming

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By Terri Likens, Editor


For a long time, the Roane County News logo has included an anemic blue version of the county outline in its logo.

Anyone who studies the points designating Roane County communities on this outline will notice they are more than a bit off.

But it was familiar to you and to us, and so we kept it.

After the 2008 TVA ash spill, when Chamber of Commerce and tourism officials decided the county needed a better image, we began to think about the same.

It took us awhile, but we finally have come up with a new flag, as the logo on the front is called, to freshen our image and also help promote the natural beauty and livibility of our county.

Gone will be the county outline — the blue spleen, as I often called it, although I have no idea what a spleen actually looks like.

In its place is a flying heron, a symbol ubiquitous to Roane County and its many miles of shoreline.

We think the new logo is cleaner, more modern and a better reflection of our community.

We are slowly upgrading our newspaper vending boxes, so soon you’ll start to see the new logo there.

And next week, you’ll begin seeing it in regular use in our newspaper.

We hope you’ll like it.