General Sessions 1-4

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 Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as, or similar to, other members of the community.

Jan. 4 — Steven Thomas, domestic assault, dismissed

• Carol M. Robinson, three counts worthless checks up to $500, dismissed

• Carol M. Robinson, worthless checks up to $500, guilty 

• Cornell F. Frazier, worthless checks up to $500, guilty 

• Eileen Ferguson, harassment attempt, dismissed

• Lisa H. Troutt, theft of merchandise – shoplifting, guilty 

• Wayne A. Ruppe, criminal trespass, dismissed

• Wayne A. Ruppe, failure to appear – misdemeanor, guilty 

• Jennifer Garretson, driving while license suspended, dismissed 

• Jennifer Garretson, simple possession, dismissed

• Jennifer Garretson, possessing unlawful drug paraphernalia, guilty

• Joni Kirk Mitchell, failure to appear, misdemeanor, dismissed

• Joni Kirk Mitchell, theft of merchandise, shoplifting, guilty 

• Adam Dwayne Phillips, escape (felony), bound over

• Thomas J. Morgan, four counts of burglary, other than habitation, bound over 

• Adam Dwayne Phillips, theft of property $1,000 to $10,000, bound over

• Marsha E. Clark, public intoxication, guilty 

• Rod T. Simpson, two counts resisting stop, arrest, search (no weapons), guilty

• Michael Anthony Jenkins, possessing unlawful drug paraphernalia, dismissed 

• Michael Anthony Jenkins, simple possession/casual exchange, guilty 

• Michael Watkins, contraband in penal facility, dismissed

• Brandon Lavender,  contraband in penal facility, guilty

• Brandon Lavender, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, gilty 

• Jonathan Daniels, unlawful use of driver’s license (misdemeanor), dismised

• Crystal Lowe, failure to appear (misdemeanor), dismissed

• Crystal Lowe, failure to appear (misdemeanor), guilty

• Crystal Lowe, offense of mitigated criminal littering, guilty 

• Jennifer Garretson, registration law, dismissed 

• Jennifer Garretson, obedience to any required traffic control device, dismissed

• Jennifer Garretson, financial responsibility law, guilty 

• Mark Nabors, seat belt, 18 and older, guilty as charged 

• Lewis L. Turpin, seat belt citation – 18 and older – second or subsequent charge guilty as charged

• Eric J. Dawson, speeding, guilty (traffic ticket paid in full)

• Marsha Gibbons, speeding, guilty (traffic ticket paid in full)

Jan. 5 — Brian Keith Waker, failure to appear, misdemeanor, recalled capias by office

• Willard Bivens, financial responsibility law, guilty (traffic ticket paid in full)

• Willard Bivens, seat belt citation - 18 and older - guilty (traffic ticket paid in full)

• Ryan L. Hamby, speeding, guilty (traffic ticket paid in full).