Harriman Happenings

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Curtis and Dorothy Eskridge celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 21. They were married in 1963 in the home of the late Elder Rue Eskridge, who also performed the ceremony.

He retired from Martin Marietta in Oak Ridge. They are the parents of five children; 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The couple didn’t do anything special, but they thank God for His blessings and for a loving family. Congratulations to this lovely couple.

Congratulations to Jill and Keith Johnson, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on July 26. They were married at Jamieson Developmental Center by the Rev. Jesse L. Williams Sr. Together they have seven children and seven grandchildren. Both are working at the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge.

They spent the weekend in Gatlinburg. They are faithful members of Anointed Praise and Worship Church where the Rev. Alvin Douglass is pastor.

Happy belated birthday to Kortney Sanders, June 30, and his brother, Cameron, June 20. These are Jill and Keith Johnson’s grandchildren and Keisha is their mother.

To my friend Ivory Dowdell, happy birthday. Ivory celebrated her special day last Sunday, July 21.

Happy birthday to Damita Eskridge, who celebrated her day July 19. Damita is the wife of Joe Eskridge.

Weekend visitors of Louise Warmley were my nephew and niece, Charles and Andrea Warmley from Atlanta. They attended St. Mary’s Baptist Church with me Sunday.

Sister Elfredia Williams gave the children’s hour. She talked to the children about praying. She started with her fingers. First finger are those who point you to Jesus. Second finger are those in authority. Third finger are for the needy and fourth finger for yourself, and for your thumb, those closest to you. This was for adults as well. A good job Sister Williams, food for thought.

When we pray lets remember Trey Jones. He is very ill and a patient in Children’s Hospital in Knoxville. He is the grandson of Sue Jones and grandson of the Rev. Lloyd Jones.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church celebrated their annual women’s day last Sunday. Their theme was “Preparing the Next Generation to Serve.” Processional was by the women’s day choir. Their first song was “Let Your Glory Fill This House.” This choir was made up with 20 women and their singing was beautiful. Guest speaker was Sister Gloria Ward, Cedine Bible Camp Missionary. She delivered a great message. It was enjoyed by all. After the service was over we all enjoyed refreshment in the fellowship hall. I was blessed to attend this service along with Sister Ward. The Elder T.L. Mims is pastor.

Minister Lee Brown will lead a gospel meeting Aug. 5-7 at Sevier Drive Church of Christ. Minister Brown is from Alcoa Church of Christ. Service will begin at 7 p.m. The Browns have been married for 17 years and have three children. Everyone is welcome.