Man jailed in stabbing incident

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By The Staff

A Rockwood man was still in jail last week on charges related to the Aug. 23 stabbing of another individual.
Stephan Ameen Womack, 27, of 312 Furnace Ave., has a court date of Sept. 9 and is being held on a $25,000 bond.
Rockwood Police Detective Dwayne Gray reported in his General Sessions Court affidavit of complaint that he responded to 824 Zumstein Drive on reports of a stabbed man.
Johnathan Lawrence Elliot had been taken by EMS to University of Tennessee Medical Center for wounds to his arms and head, Gray reported.
Gray separated two witnesses, Patricia Lynn Anderson and Holly Candice DagDag.
Anderson said she’d been in the bathroom when she heard something slam against the wall. When she came out, Womack was kicking Elliot in the face, Gray reported.
According to the report, Anderson said Womack instructed her to tell police that a masked man came in.
Gray reported a restricted call came in to Anderson while he was talking to her, and she said it was Womack and put the phone on speaker.
When Anderson told the caller the police were going to question her, he  said, “Tell them that a man in a mask ran in and stabbed him then ran away. That dude was drinking ...” the report said.
A black hat with “NY” lettering was recovered from the kitchen where the stabbing is alleged to occurred. The report said the hat was identified to belong to Womack.
Womack was taken into custody when found.
Gray reported that when Womack was told he was being detained for aggravated assault he “began to spontaneously yell, “I kicked that white boy’s [expletive],” “I killed that white boy,” and “I stabbed him.””
Gray reported that drops of blood were found on the bottom of Womack’s left shoe, and several blood spots were on a sweatshirt tied around Womack’s waist.
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Harriman police arrested a suspect from an aggravated robbery that allegedly happened on Aug. 5.
The Roane County News had previously reported that Jerial Edward Paschal, 25, was taken into custody Aug. 22 for an aggravated robbery, but the report was not obtained until after press time.
Harriman Police Sgt. Greg Sims’ report said he responded to 1639 Old Roane St. in response to an aggravated robbery.
Victim Jockree Phillips said he’d been chased by a black male with a gun and then robbed, the report said.
Phillips reportedly told officers he was walking north on Old Roane Street when the man came “running off the hill around Butler Avenue and Hillside screaming and yelling at him, stating that he was going to get him. He stated that the male then branded a black handgun and pointed it at him. He stated that the male fired two shots toward him but missed and then continued chasing him around the special function building that belongs to the Harriman (Baptist) Tabernacle Church.”
Phillips then slipped and fell, and the suspect jumped on him and struck him multiple times in the head, the report said.
Phillips also said a white male helped the suspect take his wallet out and $400 as well as a pack that attached to his belt and had his phone charger and iPod
Phillips told Sims he heard Paschal telling someone to get there and help them.
He added he was not sure whether they left in a black Crown Victoria or on foot, the report added.
A “be-on-the-lookout” notice was sent for a black Crown Victoria with a black male and white male in the area.
He said that Paschal came from the area of a “Teah’s house.”
Sims reported he left Phillips at his mother’s home.
Sims reported that Phillips had mentioned a Crown Victoria in the area of Butler and Hillside. Sims, who reported that he knew a vehicle fitting that description was owned by Teah Pendegrass on Butler, patrolled to that area.
Later Sims reported seeing a black Crown Victoria go up Hillside and onto Butler and pull up to Pendergrass’ residence.
Sims reported Pendergrass said she’d heard a lot of screaming and yelling down the street and had gotten into her vehicle to see what was happening.
She told Sims she’d seen a white male running just in front of the church screaming for help.
She said she slowed down, and Phillips told her, “He has a gun,” so she sped away, but she did not see anyone else around Phillips at that time.
Sims later called Phillips, who said that the white male he did not know had gotten out of a Crown Victoria to help rob him.