Midtown traffic lights set to go on next week

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By Cindy Simpson

The westbound off-ramp at Interstate 40 and Pine Ridge Road is nearly finished.

Traffic lights, which have been in place and covered in black plastic for several weeks, will soon be lit, Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesman Mark Nagi confirmed late last week.

“The contractor is scheduled to be on the job site Monday, May 5, 2014, to adjust the lights and turn them on for the seven-day flashing,” Nagi said.
The schedule is weather permitting, he added.

New traffic lights are required to have a period of flashing before becoming operational to normal traffic flow.

“This time period will allow the traveling public to become aware of the new traffic pattern and installation,” Nagi added.

In addition to the traffic signals, the ramp was paved and redesigned to hopefully eliminate some of the late-afternoon traffic congestion that has plagued the offramp for a number of years.