Missing guns put Warren on leave

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By Cindy Simpson

Harriman Sgt. Kent Warren remains on leave without pay as an investigation into missing firearms that have since been located continues.

“Unless the video shows otherwise, it would seem like they (the firearms) had at all times been within the property and possession of the department,” City Manager Kevin Helms said.

He said they would release more details in the future as the investigation into the departmental matter is closed.

“The investigation is still ongoing. We are in the last steps of the process, which requires an investigator to re-view several days’ worth of video,” Helms added.

He said Harriman Police Detective Kasey Mynatt is reviewing the video.

“This has to be done in real time so the matter is likely to be resolved early next week. All of Sgt. Warren’s weapons are in the possession of the Harriman Police Department. More details will be available once the investigation is complete,” Helms said.

Last week there were rumors circulating that Warren had been fired. Humphrey denied those allegations last Friday.

“I can confirm that the statement is not true. However, myself and the city manager have put him on administrative leave as we look into an allegation that could be a policy violation. However, the investigation into the allegation is ongoing so at this time I cannot make any additional comment regarding the matter. We hope to have the investigation complete within a week,” Humphrey said last Friday.

Helms said at this point in time he would categorize the temporarily missing firearms as misplaced.

“Now if something shows up on the video that contradicts what we think are the facts at this time that could change. Once the investigation is complete, if he’s cleared of any policy violation he would be eligible to have back pay for the time off,” Helms said.

“If it was determined there was a violation there could be a range of actions we could take just depending on how serious the violation,” Helms said.