OS ‘Make a Wish’ campaign part of Children’s Health Week activities

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Children’s Health Week is a yearly event in Tennessee, and Roane County students joined in the Oct. 4-10 celebration with special events at many of the schools.

Each of the 18 schools has a Healthy School Team responsible for planning and implementing such initiatives and other healthy-focus  campaigns throughout the year for both students and staff.  

The teams include administrators, school nurses, counselors, café staff, classroom teachers, community members, parents and students. They meet on a quarterly or monthly basis to brainstorm for ideas to help the school community make lifestyle choices that will improve the health and well-being of all.

Children’s Health Week gave many Roane County Schools a chance to highlight health concerns facing youths today.

Midway Elementary School focused on drug education during the profile week.

Oliver Springs Elementary School celebrated with a variety of activities that included a physical activity day, a healthy snack day, hand-washing education for younger students and an asthma awareness presentation for older students.

The pinnacle of the celebration for the Oliver Springs students was  a “Make a Wish” campaign for a Dyllis student battling cancer. The campaign will run through the month of October.

Harriman Middle School’s activities included hand-washing and healthy-weight education days, an “apple” day to recognize good nutrition and a physical activity day stressing the importance of exercise.  

Even the high schools were involved. At Oliver Springs High School, a weeklong campaign recognizing the fight against breast cancer was highlighted. Some of the activities included a pink ribbon day, neon color day, pink shirt day and a super hero day.  

At several other schools, public service announcements each day along with other special activities were held. The week culminated with Pink Day on Oct. 10 to focus on Breast Cancer Awareness.  

Health is an important issue for the staff and administration of Roane County Schools, and educating students and adults is paramount in creating a better world for area youth.

The specially designated week provides an opportunity to highlight healthy choices in light of health crises such as high obesity rates and increasing cases of juvenile diabetes that put the future of many youths in jeopardy.  

For information on this or any other item related to wellness initiatives, contact Patti Wells, school health coordinator, at 882-3700, Ext. 1910, or pawells@roaneschools.com.