OUR OPINION: Lee should step down from Rockwood board

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Roane County businessman William Edward “Eddie” Lee, who recently pleaded guilty to more than $280,000 in sales tax evasion, should step down from Rockwood Water, Sewer and Natural Gas Board,

Rockwood Mayor James Watts described Lee, the owner of a few convenience stores and tobacco shops, as a fine fellow.

Watts said he did not know how Lee’s plea would affect his seat on the board.

All we know is Lee was keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars that should have gone to the government for himself.

That’s the equivalent to stealing from us, the taxpayers.

And he was doing it while serving on a board that influences government spending.

Not only that, but instead of jail time, Lee got eight years of probation and will have to pay back the money — $3,000 a month for about eight years.

Lee may seem like a nice man, but holding back from the taxpayers and making the rest of us foot bigger bills for services doesn’t sound like the makings of so fine a fellow.

If he is a fine fellow, he can show us all by taking himself off of this important utility  board and saving officials the time and work of dealing with it..

So the question remains, Mr. Lee.

Just how good a man are you?