Property Transfers Jan. 22 - 24

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 Property transfers

Jan. 22

Federal National Mortgage Association to J.P. Morgan Chase, quit claim deed, $10, District 2;

Don R. Long and Nora C. Long to Randall L. Roper and Tracy L. Roper, warranty deed, $255,000, District 5, Long Property, Lot 10R;

Kathryn Lee McIntosh Wade Executrix and Jo Ann McIntosh Estate to Paul Riddle Jr. and Amy E. Riddle, warranty deed, $104,000, District 3, Dogwood Shores Resort Unit 4, Lots 8 and 10;

Housing and Urban Development to Donna K. Robinson, deed, $16,100, District 1, City of Harriman Lots 408 and 406;

Lee Sexton to Daniel Barnes, warranty deed, $7,500 District 1, Sexton Property. Lot 1;

Steven K. Maddox to Joshua A. Klein and Tiffany D. Klein, warranty deed, $17,698.50, District 4, Wesley Dunnahoo and Helen Dunnahoo Property, Lot 27;

Nicholas J. Henley, Crystal Henley and Crystal P. Henley to Lance J. Hester, warranty deed, $190,000, District 2, two tracts;

Harold Kretzer and Lori A. Kretzer to Frederic Guy Lovelace Jr. and Amy R. Fox, warranty deed, $322,500, District 5, Pinoak Point, Lot 3;

Ingle & Shapiro LLP, Ingle and Shapiro LLP, Shelby R. Turner and Shelby R. Waker to K&D Properties LLC and Quint Bourgeois, trustee's deed, $62,901, District 3, Lakeview Home Sites Lot 20;

Robert Duane Adcock and Lois B . Adcock to Scott Shepherd and April Shepherd, warranty deed, $9,000, District 4, Holiday Hills Addition Lot 192;

Robert J. Smith and Delores J.Smith to John E. Long, warranty deed, $5,000, District 5, Grande Vista Bay West, Lot 544;

Bill J. Choate and Dorothy Trotter Choate to Loren Winstead and Curstin Winstead, warranty deed, $165,000, District 3, Lakewood Heights Lots 1, 2 and 3;

Kimberly Nickell and Joey J. Nickell to Gregory K. Easter and David Easter, warranty deed, $124,000, District 3, Zirkle Hills No. 2, Lots PT 57 and PT 59;

Kenneth Edward White and Sue M. Estate to Brian Eads, warranty deed, $10,000, District 5, City of Rockwood Lot 22;

Marilyn Rae Beerman to Linda Sherman, warranty deed, $37,500, District 5, Clymersville Addition Lot 4

John Jackson Cooley Executor, John Jackson Cooley, Daniel J. Cooley Jr., Mark Cooley, Mimi C. Serna, Mimi C. Cooley, Mimi A. Cooley, Faye E. Cooley Estate and Daniel J. Cooley Estate to James D. Edwards and Diane F. Edwards, warranty deed, $130,000, District 1, City of Harriman Lots 1026, 1030 and 1034;

Marcus E. Williams to Joey T. Nickell, Kimberly A. Nickell, warranty deed, $167,500, District 4, two tracts;

Jan. 25

Belinda Sue Anderson and Mary Elizabeth Carney to Sarah Pendergrass and Hobert Pendergrass, warranty deed, $3,500, District 5, Spring Street;

Southeastern REO LLC to Parks ICF LLC, warranty deed, $1,650, District 1, Allison Woods Lot 28 and 29;

HSBC Bank USA to Yulonda G. Wilson and Rickey R. Wilson, warranty deed, $20,000, District 2, 1.273 acres near Scandlyn Hollow Road;

Anthony G. Magi to Raymond Magi and August Magi, quit claim deed, $0, District 3, Dogwood Shores Unit 3, Lot 105;

Brian A. Eads to Brian A. Eads, quit claim deed, $0, District 5, .22 acres, City of Rockwood Lot 4A;

Brian A. Eads to Brian A. Eads, quit claim deed, $0, District 5, .22 acres, City of Rockwood Lot 4B;

Timely Investments LLC to Chester Goode Rentals LLC, warranty deed, $29,500, District 5, Duggers Addition Lot 29;

Housing and Urban Development to Freda Evans, deed, $33,511, District 1, City of Harriman Lots PT 601, PT 603, PT 605 and PT 607;

Victor V. Guzman Jr. and Tanessa C. Jones to Victor V. Guzman Jr., quit claim deed, $0, District 2, Hartland Estates Lot 19;

Regina Gayle Selby Early Marks and Regina Gayle Selby Marks to Michael W. Krabousanos, warranty deed, $5,000, District 5, City of Rockwood, Lot 5;

Jan. 26

James J. Sullivan Jr. and Michelle L. Sullivan to James J. Sullivan Jr. Trustee, Michelle L. Sullivan Trustee, James Sullivan Family Trust and Michelle Sullivan Family Trust, quit claim deed, $0, District 5, Grande Vista Bay West, Lot 316;

Wells Fargo Bank to Housing and Urban Development and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, warranty deed, $0, District 3, Midtown Subdivision Lots 20 and 21;

Roane County to John D. Cofer and Sharon L. Cofer, deed, $800, District 5, Map 65 Control Map 65;

Timothy Mazur personal representative, Janet Blakeman personal representative, Peter Mazur Estate and Sara Jo Mazur Estate to Jennifer Dawson, quit claim deed, $0, District 5, 1.14 acres, Eagle Point Cabin site Lot 34 and Molyneux Lumber Co. Lot 23;