Roane County News website now subscription based

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By The Staff

The Roane County News’ website, www.roanecounty.com, transitioned to a subscription-based news and information site effective Monday, Feb. 21.

We’ll offer our valued newspaper subscribers complete access to all of the news and features currently in our print product, plus a number of online-only features such as videos, slideshows, reader interaction and more.

A digital version of every issue of the newspaper will also be available to subscribers online.

If you already subscribe to our print product, you’ll be able to access all of our online content for free, but you’ll need to sign up for an account.

To do so, simply go to www.roanecounty.com/subscription_services and click the link for “Activate Existing Account.”

You’ll need your subscription number on your subscription label, so have a recent edition accessible when you sign up.

There’s a help image on the sign-up page that will show you exactly where to find your account number.

Just fill in the blanks online, and you’ll have complete, 24-hour access to our comprehensive news coverage for Roane County and the surrounding area.

For readers who are not subscribers, we’re offering a free 30-day online trial.

Sign up online and see if you like what we have to offer. If you do, then we hope you’ll soon become a subscriber to our award-winning news and feature services.

You’ll have the option of becoming a subscriber with access to both our print and online products or our online product only. Look for the “Subscribe” button at www.roanecounty.com.

The Roane County News staff remains committed to producing a news product that provides value to its readers.

“A major portion of revenue for our news and information efforts each month is derived from subscription revenue,” publisher Johnny Teglas said.

“We feel as we improve services to our readers that they should help pay for them, whether it's in print or online,” he added.

“From in-depth reporting on local government and education to stories about the people and issues throughout our community, Roane County News readers know they can count on the newspaper for timely, important and relevant news,” said editor Terri Likens.

The Roane County News has been honored with state and regional press awards.

Among those are honors for all facets of news reporting, including breaking news stories, feature stories and photography.

The Roane County News advertising department also has been honored with awards representing staff commitment to quality advertising services.

Instead of waiting for the printed edition of the newspaper, online subscribers will have access to breaking news updates.

“Our online readers will have access to news as we get it,” Likens said.

Readers who do not sign up for a subscription will have only limited access to roanecounty.com.

A limited, online-only registration option will be available as well, but this option will not provide full access to the Roane County News’ news and feature stories.

If you’re not a subscriber and you want to be, sign up online at www.roanecounty.com or call 376-3481, Ext. 322, to speak with circulation manager Sara Baylis.