SB0027 and HB0015

Senator Yager and Representative Calfee,

Please explain to me WHY you are submitting bills that exempt members appointed to specific county planning commissions from having to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the State Ethics Commission.

As I read it, the county planning commissions you are trying to exempt from disclosure are Campbell, Fentress, Morgan, Pickett, Rhea, Roane, Scott.

As a tax-paying, voting citizen of Roane County, I believe I have a right to know why you are submitting legislation that does NOT appear to be in our best interest.

Ken, I am surprised at you for doing this.
Kent, this must be what you meant when you were quoted at saying that if the County Commission wants it, you will do it. HOW is this in the counties best interest? The only thing I can see that this bill does, it muddy the waters of transparency, so we cannot tell when we are being screwed.


Norm in Rockwood