Something you really should budget for

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The major winter holidays — Thanksgiving and Christmas — are fast approaching.

Those of us with enough — enough to eat, enough to pay our bills — tend to think of these holidays with a mixture of warmth and delight.

Those who are struggling are likely to have a much dimmer view. While some of us are planning special meals or shopping splurges, they may not have enough to eat, or money enough to heat their homes — that is, if they have homes.

We seem to have gotten better about budgeting for ourselves as a society.

Perhaps now is a good time to start budgeting to help others in the kind of dire straits we would find chilling if we had to deal with ourselves.

There are a multitude of proven good causes in our community — United Way, Operation REACH, the Salvation Army, food banks, pet rescues and so much more.

We ask that you set aside an amount now — before the holidays tempt overspending on unnecessary items — to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Skip a few cups of coffee and stuff an extra $5 in the Salvation Army bucket.

Most of us know someone who is going through a tough time financially — especially in the current economy.

We’ve been taught that the spirit of Christmas involves caring and sharing.

Let’s honor the reason for the season by doing just that