Something's fishy here ...

I have news for the Minnesota Planetarium Society:

I am a Pisces. I have always been a Pisces. And I shall die a Pisces.

The society — an astronomy group, I hasten to add — has shaken the astrology world with its declaration that the Earth's "wobbling" over the centuries has knocked the signs of the Zodiac off kilter. In other words, those of us who have grown up over the years thinking we live under one sun sign are now thrust under another.

For me, I was taken out of my Pisces comfort zone and dumped smack-dab into Aquarius territory. Thing is, I refuse to go there.

Don't get me wrong: I have known some fine Aquarians, including my sister and my best friend. I'm just not one.

Here is what the Minnesota Planetarium Society claims is the sun signs now are:

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

Miffed? Most people are. (And yes, that next to the last one is "Ophiuchus." Never heard of it? Me, neither. But these astronomers who are monkeying with my horoscope say the ancient Babylonians knocked it out of the lineup because they wanted an even dozen.)

I've always embraced my fishy sun sign. Overly sensitive, you say? It's because I'm a Pisces. Live in a dream world? Well, I'm a Pisces. A good listener? I'm a Pisces, and we're caring and compassionate. Love painting pictures with my words? We Pisceans are creative.

But Aquarius? I don't know a darned thing about being an Aquarius. Where does my sensitivity fit into that?

Just for giggles, I thought I'd look up personality characteristics of the Aquarius. The water bearer, according to a number of Google hits, is stubborn, inventive, detached, sarcastic and witty. Not bad. Just not me.

"An Aquarius friend always makes life fun," reads an entry from Zodiac Signs Astrology (zodiac-signs-astrology.com). "They might offer you a spontaneous last minute camping trip with no supplies prepared ...."

Anybody who knows the first thing about me knows the above reference doesn't apply. First of all, I don't camp. Not ever. And my spontaneity is planned — lots of supplies included.

This Pisces gal knows she belongs in the water, not bearing it. So wobble on, Earth. You won't rock my world.