VECustomers Share with Midway groups

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Alton Lingerfelt, center, board member with Volunteer Energy Cooperative’s VECustomers Share Program, presents a $2,000 grant check to Midway High School Chorus members, from left, April Viar, Brianne Reynolds, Rachel Burgess and Jessica Johnson.

The chorus is the recipient of the grant VECustomers Share awarded to Midway’s PTO. The Midway High School Cheerleader Booster Club also received a $500 grant.

VECustomers Share was founded in October 2001 and has donated more than $3.7 million to various community-service organizations in Volunteer Energy’s 17-county service area.

Grant applications are available at any Volunteer Energy Cooperative Customer Service center, by calling 423-334-7051, or at www.vec.org.